One of the few races to ally with the humans, the Tymbrimi are considered by many of the galactic races to be tricksters. Tymbrimi have one client species, called the Tytlal, which were previously thought to be unupliftable. The Caltmour, the species which uplifted the Tymbrimi, were exterminated in a galactic war.

Physically, they are extremely human-like for an alien species[1]. They have wideset eyes and fur that covers the head in a hair-like area, terminating in a widows peak above the bridge of their nose. Their hips are much narrower due to being marsupials, they give birth sooner than humans and continue gestation in a pouch containing a second set of mammaries. Elbows and knees are located closer to body. They have a multitude of tendrils that radiate out from their temples that serve as sense organs for some type of telepathy described as 'empathy glyphs', in addition to radiating excess body heat.

The Tymbrimi have glands that can release enzymes for making physical changes. This is called a 'gheer reaction' and is used to temporarily increase strength, speed, or whatever the situation requires. The Tymbrimi can even permanently change their appearance over time, but over-use can lead to 'enzyme exhaustion'.

Culturally, they share many of the same reservations that humans have about the effects of the Galactic Library on developing cultures. It was a fortunate stroke of luck that the Tymbrimi were the first species discovered by humans.

References Edit

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