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The Twi'leks are a humanoid alien species whose females are considered very sexually attractive, even by non-humanoids such as the Hutts. For this reason, they have been often enslaved. A Twi'lek is readily recognizable by a pair of long tentacles protruding from their head, which in fact contains part of their brain. Their skin color is highly variable. They hail from the planet Ryloth.

Culture and society[]

Twi'lek are a non-spacefaring species even during current modern day times the Twi'leks do not have any of advanced technology made by themselves instead they use technology invented by others. Despite that the Twi'leks don't have their own starships or their own advanced technology they are able to learn how to use this technology very quickly.

Aside from them choosing not to make their own technology the Twi'leks are a peaceful and non-violent species which has allowed smugglers, slave owners, thieves, bandits, gangs, murderers and pirates to easily take over their world and their people. The Twi'lek's usually don't fight back and prefer to negotiate or try to work around a problem or try to avoid it all together rather then take a stand against. This type of behavior is what lead them to easily become slaves instead of resisting something they try to manipulate things to work to their advantage.

Despite not being warriors or fighters and aside never resisting things the Twi'leks come a very harsh world full of dangerous harsh predators, environment, landscape and weather. Because of this it has led the Twi'leks to quickly expect offers given to them just to escape their world or to try and help make things better for them on Ryloth. Even if the offer comes from criminals who make their lives miserable.

Aside from expecting deals made to them they usually avoid political issues or problems not just political any issue or problem they believe in riding out the storm. Meaning just go along with it or sometimes they try not to get involved or take a stand on an issue. They prefer reasoning over anything else for the Twi'leks they believe why fight something you can't change or stop it will only get you killed. However despite not standing up for themselves they strongly hold on to their traditions, beliefs, customs and faiths.

While they follow and stay true to their traditions and customs never changing them or giving them up. The Twi'leks also believe in not changing themselves they can't fight or change who they are. Because they can't fight back against the cruel people who make them suffer or fight back against the harshness of their planet the Twi'leks believe in excepting things for how they are.

Another thing about the Twi'leks they are tribal people they don't have have advanced cities like most or beings in the galaxy. They have simple ancient cities and keep things average, normal and simple. But despite all of this they are curious as well when other people offer them gifts, deals or things to help the Twi'leks or to allow them to see the galaxy beyond Ryloth. The Twi'leks wish to learn about these things so their curiosity causes them to rush on things things wanted to know more or wanting to except more of what others give to them.

One of the common things to find in Twi'lek society is their ability to entertain and perform. Many Twi'leks are excellent dancer and singers aside from their talents for show business many of them are also seen as masseuses. The Twi'leks believe in sharing what they have with their guests this means even with the criminals who keep them under their thumb. They share with guests out of kind gesture to keep peace even with enemies they put the happiness of their guests first before their own happiness.

Many female Twi'leks in their society possessed natural grace, talent and beauty which was highly valued among all the other races. Aside from their high value and their peaceful ways making them easy targets to become slaves. Despite how Twi'leks rushed to accept the efforts given to them by outsiders the Twi'leks held their culture very strongly even when they sold their own people into slavery.

Aside from their quick haste to accept opportunities or gifts given by outsiders to make their theirs on Ryloth better or to try and escape from their harsh dangerous world. Aside easily giving into the demands of those who enslaved them the Twi'leks always would great and welcome new people they met or any friends they made. They also welcomed the people the criminals or people they didn't like since they believe in being generous to everyone.

All Twi'leks on Ryloth lived simple average lives and in simple stone or brick houses nothing unique, outstanding, grand or special. Even though the Twi'leks took many offers or technology giving to them by outsiders they never chose to change their lifestyles unlike most other species. Aside from never changing who they are Twi'leks have strong family bonds and values they care for their families and are more close to their families more than any other species in the galaxy.

Even though Twi'leks have sold their own kind and family members by tradition they still love and care for their families no matter what. An example of the strong connection to their families are Kalikori passed down to family members through each generation.


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