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Tusken Raiders, otherwise known as Sandpeople, are a sapient species from the desert world of Tatooine. They prey upon travelers and are renowned for their savagery.


Tusken Raiders are bipedal humanoids believed to be descended from the Kumumgah and distant relatives of the Jawas, possibly also related to Humans, although they are genetically incompatible with Humans. Their true appearance beneath their coverings is unknown. They are one of the few species without the mental aptitude necessary to become Jedi.

Culture and society[]

Tusken Raiders are extremely dangerous and not to be trifled with. They never remove their robes in front of another, except during childbirth, on their wedding night, and during coming-of-age ceremonies, a custom spawned from the necessity of using their robes for protection against Tatooine's harsh environment. To remove any part of their garments in front of another under any other circumstances is grounds for banishment or death. While the exact design of Tusken Raider garments vary from tribe to tribe, they normally keep some universal design aspects, mainly filters over their mouths and goggles or visors over their eyes.

Beasts of Burden[]

Tatooine's heat, dust and sandstorms can take damage to mechanical transport, but animals can make ideal beasts of burden. Banthas are the exclusive mounts of sand people, ridden single-file as to hide their numbers.

Conflict with settlers[]

At times, Tusken Raiders steal water and technology from settlers, often using Cycler Rifles, projectile firearms pieced together from scraps of technology, but strongly favor their handmade gaderffii staffs in combat.



  • Grave Tuskens, a variant of Tusken Raiders working for a Dark Jedi known as Maw, had their faces exposed, revealing that Tusken Raiders (at least prior to Disney's acquisition of the franchise) are felinoids, with a short snout, dark eyes, and grey fur. Any changes Disney made to their true appearance are unknown. In addition, a pre-Disney comic showed what appeared to be an unmasked Tusken, whose visage appeared to be an organic form of the standard Tusken mask, although this was likely a "boogeyman" in Anakin's mind and not what they truly look like.