The Tunroth were a humanoid race native to the third, fourth, and fifth planets of the Jiroch System. The Tunroth evolved originally on Jiroch-Reslia and spread to Kalok and Saloch. Tall and muscular, the Tunroth were characterized by their yellow skin and unusual skulls. Their elongated skulls have two nostrils at the top and front, below which sit their dark eyes. Their mouths were filled with sharp teeth, and were surrounded by several horns that stud their chins.

They have an intense passion for the hunt, and were an aggressive, self-confident race. These characteristics were questioned when the Tunroth were decimated by the Reslian Plague, but the resulting sense of unity and purpose in rebuilding their society had made them stronger. The plague was brought to their system by a group of Lortan fanatics who swept through the Jiroch and several other systems, leaving death in their wake. The Empire tried to destroy the Lortans and remove their scourge from the galaxy, and succeeded in the Jiroch System. Thus, the Tunroth people have some minimal praise for the Empire, even knowing that the Empire was not there to save the Tunroth themselves. They have agrarian technology, but have taken quickly to high-tech weaponry in their struggles against Imperial domination of their system.

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