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Tuffles were a highly advanced technological race of beings native to planet Vegeta (originally named Planet Plant) before it was taken over by the Saiyans by eliminating evil races.


Tuffles look indistinguible from humans, except the fact they are shorter.


Despite their incredible technologies, the Tuffles were largely a docile race and held no aggression towards each other or other races, nor did they suffer from overpopulation. However, the Tuffles lived side by side with another race; the Saiyans. Some sources state that the Saiyans simply evolved alongside the Tuffles at a similar rate (though the Saiyans and their society were still quite primitive, they were fully sapient) while others indicate that the Saiyans were not native to Planet Plant at all, arriving on a strange starship one day. The later was revealed to be true as the saiyans are originally from planet Sadala. Relationships between the two races is also mixed; the first account explains that the Tuffles lived in their advanced cities in the more fertile areas of Planet Plant, while the Saiyans lived in large tribes out in the badlands and the two very rarely - if ever - interacted with each other. What started the war is debatable, Dr. Raichi account states that the Tuffles welcomed the Saiyans with open arms and treated them as equals. According to Vegeta, however, the Saiyans were treated poorly, essentially like slaves or second class citizen, by the Tuffles and forced to live in harsh badlands of Planet Plant.

Saiyan-Tuffle War[]

Eventually, regardless of their origins, one Saiyan became dominant amongst the collective tribes; a Saiyan that Dr. Raichi described as having "the cunning of a Tuffle". This Saiyan was none other than King Vegeta, and he incited a swift and brutal war against the Tuffles with the intent of eradicating them entirely. The outcome of many battles was mostly even, since though the Saiyans had greater strength they possessed far fewer numbers, allowing the technological Tuffles to tip the balance with their advanced weaponry. Unfortunately, the war was brought to a sudden end by the arrival of an event that only occurred on Planet Plant once every 20 years; the full moon. The entire Saiyan race transformed into their feral Great Ape forms and, in the space of a single night, the Tuffles were annihilated. Taking what little of the technology that interested them, most notably the Scouters and Battle Armor, the Saiyans established their own society amidst the ruins of the Tuffle civilization, crowning King Vegeta and naming the planet after him.

Following their defeat, the Saiyans met the Arcosians and used the Tuffle's technology. The planet was later annexed by Frieza and drafted them to conquer planets, but eventually he destroyed the planet along with the Saiyan race.


The Tuffle's were a very advanced race, having perfected cloning and genetic modification. They were also able to create robots, like the supremely powerful Hatchiyack, and lesser organic beings like the Saibamen. The Tuffle's also had laser weapons and invented scouters.



The Enhanced Tuffles, from left to right - Raichi, Baby, Myuu, and Rilldo

Specific Tuffle's have been shown to display a few alternate forms in the Dragon Ball universe.


Raichi takes on a vastly powerful Ghost form using his grudge against the Saiyans, this ghost form gives him the power to defend against four Super Saiyans and a Super Namek for a short time.

Machine Mutant[]

Myuu takes the form of a Tuffle Machine Mutant after being built by Bebi, and Rilldo also takes this form, but vastly more powerful (he is on par with Majin Buu).


Bebi takes on a Tuffle Parasite form, allowing him to possess other beings and control them.