General Information
Sapience level sapient
Behavior hostile,
Behind the Scenes
Universe Zagubini universe
Created by Marcin Mortka

Trytolian (Polish: Trytolianie) is telepathic sapient species from Milky Way Galaxy.

Description Edit


Trytolian mining starships.

They did not develop speech skills and they communicate telepathically. They breathe a sour atmosphere.

Trytolian community is divided for hundreds of clans and tribes who constantly fight with each other. Any clan who reaches the right level receives a spaceships and starting atacking other space races and their stellar systems, to acquire raw materials and slaves. Thay they do not recognize their failure and when the war is lost, the entire clan population commits suicide.

According to the reports of the intelligence agencies of Werens and Solaryds, they are hostile to other races and carry on predatory expeditions. They attempt to exterminate all other telepathic species it unites all clans when they found that races.

They created technology of teleportation. It's known that they don't know technology of robots and life detection systems.

History Edit

Trytolians are responsible for killing almost entire unnamed spherical species of thelepats.

They were connected with a disaster of Human expedition of research starship named Explorer to Derchman System in 2303 year. This disaster survive admiral Andreas Tang who started cooperating with one of clans of Trytolians and become leader of terrorist organisation Destroyers.

In 2313, one of Trytolian clans attacked the Solar System with organisation of Destroyers starting war with Interstellar Union. They stole 10% of its raw materials and thousands of humas as slaves. They were defeated and expelled from system. After this they commits suicide or were killed by other clans. One of Trytorians was caught by Destroyers and held on ship named Persephone.

Galery Edit

Appearances Edit

  • 2013: Zagubieni. Inwazja by Marcin Morka
  • 2014: Zagubieni. Zwiad by Marcin Mortka
  • 2016: Zagubieni. Misja ratunkowa by Marcin Mortka (mentioned only)
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