Troll (Lanfeust of Troy)
General Information
Homeworld Troy
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Lanfeust of Troy Universe

Trolls are a intelligent species native to the planet Troy.

Biology Edit

Trolls are hairy humanoid beings endowed with great strength and speed compared to humans. Their teeth are strong enough to bite through stone, wood or even steel. Like humans on Troy, Trolls are widespread across the planet. Numerous sub-species exist:

Trolls are also capable of breeding with humans, making hybrid trolls.

Culture Edit

Given the name 'troll' by the early colonists of Troy, they are solitary, bloodthirsty, barbaric, cruel, ruthless, extremely ferocious and dangerous beasts.

However they live in tribes composed of villages with a chief which proves that they can be civilized. But they are still wild, they love the pulpit, and killings help them digest. Their diet consists mainly of rare meat, they love children. When they can not find it, they go to gather the peasants, and look for the loss or the dragon. The trolls are also great wine lovers. Trolls are afraid of vegetables and more than anything else, and they do not even dare to think about cleanliness.

What is most important to them is their flies, who are their best friend and who indicates their social status. A troll only becomes an adult when a first fly attaches to him.

Trolls are feared by all inhabitants of Troy, however several cultures have way to pacify them and even enchant them to make them slaves. Sages of Eckmul use magic to force the to obey. The Darshanides worship Swoog the God of Trolls to keep the trolls in their region in line. Humans usually see trolls as savages and mere beasts. Its an appearance that trolls maintain, and even conversing with one is seen only when they are enchanted. In truth trolls are able to converse with humans though its not encouraged to talk to food and usually allows them to be underestimated.

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