The Trizelle (Grazaorus Lopos) is a species from Sakaar that is admired for its grave and beauty, but hunted for its succulent meat. The trizelle live in herds of 20-75 in the arid semi-desert regions of Wukar and the forested river valleys of Okini and Lower Vandro. Often seen grazing in massive groupings of multiple herds, the trizelle are 3-legged creatures, using their massive hind leg to bound away to safety at the first sight of danger. Trizelles can clear more than 10 meters per bound and can reach sprint speed of up to 70 miles an hour.

Since ancient times, trizelle have been hunted for food by both the Natives and Imperials. Ancient Native and Imperial civilizations relied nearly exclusively on the trizelle as a food source before learning agricultural techniques, also using the animal's bones to carve primitive tools. Even today, trizelle meat remains a delicacy among Imperial oligarchs and is served as the featured course at high-society events.

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