Triops noctivivans (plural: Trioptes) is the scientific name given to a species of three-eyed semi-sapient omnivorous predators from the dark side of Venus. They are distantly related to the sapient Venusians of the sunlit side.


Trioptes possess the same basic body plan as the Venusians, with four ambulatory legs and two didactyl arms, although theirs are equipped not with pincer-like hands but with deadly claws. As their name indicates, they have three eyes, each twice the size of those of the Venusians, to enable them to see in their world of constant darkness. They produce a sinister high-pitched shrieking laughter.

Members of this species are vicious pack predators occasionally found in the darker areas of the Mountains of Eternity. They're the only known fauna of the dark side, and prey on Lotophagus Veneris: a sapient form of vegetation. They've been described as "perhaps the most vicious creature in the known planets, absolutely unapproachable, and delighting in slaughter". They'll consume anything that crosses their path, including even the dreaded amorphous Doughpot. They're repelled by light and dare not approach illuminated areas.

The Trioptes themselves need not worry about being preyed on by the Doughpot or other predators due to the presence of poisonous metabolic alcohols that render their flesh completely inedible.


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  • In the works of Stanley G. Weinbaum, Venus is portrayed as a tidally-locked planet; an idea which is now known to be incorrect.
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