"Max" is a Trimaxion Drone Ship sent to Earth to study humans. He featured in the 1986 Disney film the Flight of the Navigator.



It is July 4, 1978. 12 year old David Freeman    was taken to a planet called Phaelon, 560 light-years away, By a Trimaxion Drone ship

Capabilities -It is unknown whether or not the ship can move faster than light. If when Max took David to Phaelon and back, 8 years passed, which was due to time dilation, which occurs at near light speeds.

-Time Travel- the ship possesses the ability to travel backward and forward in time, as when it took David back to 1978

-Can travel underwater

-The ability to move at over the speed of Mach 10, when it went 20 miles upward.

-Can speak thousands of languages and has the ability to change it shape to better suit it's movement.

Aliens aboardEdit

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