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Former Symbol

Homeworld: Trilar

Known Empresses: Wavya, Klirr, Everial, Llorian, Cress, Calibar, Aquailis, Oraborus

Racial Tendencies: Pacifistic Expasionists (surmised)

Specialties: Trans Dimensional

The last of the younger races was the Trilarians. This group came from an oceanic world and lived in water. Because of this, ocean and terran planets could support as many people as gaia planets could, and swamp and tundra planets were as good for them as terran was for other races. High volumes of water apparently made their people flourish. The Trilarians were similar to the Alkari in their behavior; they had honorable tendencies, and were peaceful enough to coexist with others. They were a danger when threatened, however, because their ships were faster than others. This Trans-Dimensional ability supposedly came from the Antarans; the Trilarians claimed that they were the descendants of a lost Antaran colony. Our evidence seems to indicate that the Antarans indeed had a presence on Trilar and even interfered in Trilarian species development. Their leader ruled as a Dictator. Trilarian friends included the Alkari and Klackons, and to a lesser degree the Mrrshan and Psilons. They did not like the Meklars.