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The Triffids are a species of large, carnivorous, semi-sapient vegetation, whose spores come down to Earth during a meteor shower. This plant-like life form can uproot itself and move about, and has a lethal sting. They dissolve in contact with seawater.

The Triffids have long stings and presumably communicate through tapping of stems on their bodies. They can also move, albeit at a slow speed, and are carnivorous. As they are thought to have some intelligence, they usually attack the eyes and are good at quietly sneaking around or stalking their prey.

Behind the scenes[]

Triffids first appeared in the book Day of the Triffids by the English sci-fi author John Wyndham. In the book they were not extraterrestrial as depicted in the 1962 movie, but were supposedly bioengineered in the Soviet Union. One bag of seeds was taken, but flew out and pollinated, covering the world in these creatures.

Discovering that the oil made from the plants was extremely efficient, oil companies started to farm them. However, as Triffids were highly dangerous, they were only farmed in careful conditions. When most of Earth's population went blind thanks to cosmic accidents, the Triffids escaped and began to kill.


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