The Triassians are an a race of sapient dinosaurs.

Biology Edit

The Triassians are bipedal saurians that evolved from Earth 65 million years ago.

History Edit

The Triassians evolved on Earth on the continent of Triassia (Pangaea) between 300 and 200 million years ago and began to use primitive tools. The Trissians developed a civilization 80 million years ago splitting into two different species, the Protosaurs and the Megasaurs. The two cultures initially were in conflict for thousands of years, but with the approaching Great Coldness (Ice Age), both sides ceased hostilities and united to save their species. United in purpose the Triassians built the Archelons, massive arks ships to carry their entire civilization and sample species from Trissia. The arks would take shelter in the asteroid belt of the Solar System, with the on-board computers programmed to awake them in 60 million years. However a miscommunication caused the Trissians to wake late in 65 million years. Upon awaken from hibernation, the Trissians were shocked that the world they left had changed and was now inhabited by a mammalian species, humans that had evolved in the last few million years.

General Grex, of the Megosaurs seeing Earth had been infested opted for war and brought his armies and waged war against the nations of Earth. The Protosaurs opposed this action wished for peace, sent two of their own, Anklo and Apoto.

Two protosaur ambassadors made contact with an Earth woman named Megan McDonald, who they befriended, she brought their offer of peace directly to the United Nations. They were later joined by Prime Minister Krono, who was assisted by the Peruvian ambassador. McDonald negotiated on behalf of the Triassians, who wished to acquire a parcel of land for their people. Their original choices were Africa and Australia but none of the nations were willing to relinquish their territories. The UN offered Antarctica to the Triassians, and though it was a frozen wasteland, the Triassians accepted the offer. Antarctica was the site where many of their ancient cities were buried and hoped to excavate in the future, in addition their gravtation studies of Earth, led them to determine that Earth's axis would tilt in 400 years thus making the continent warmer, and McDonald pointed out they would own 80% of Earth's fresh water. They accepted the deal stating they would remove 1/3 of the Protosaurs military support from the invasion, but they wished to be recognized as a neutral nation, tourism to warmer climates and be given a permanent seat at the Security Council. Though may of the ambassdors found these demands outrageous, their protests were put on hold when General Grex's forces began attacking the summit location. The Security Council voted the motion granted.

Commander Harris Armstrong tested out a new weapon developed to shut down the Triassians war machines that eventually spread across the militaries of the planet. At the same time General Grex's faction was ousted by the Protosaurs from the Mothership. After the war, the Triassians began colonization efforts of Antarctica.

Culture Edit


The species is divided into two sub-species. The Protosaurs and the Megasaurs. The Protosaurs are the thinkers and philosophers. The Megasaurs are the warriors and politicians.

The Triassians technology is organic in nature. Their weapons are based on biologically engineered and weaponized dinosaurs and are powered by mini-nuclear fission reactors. These war machines are blind relying on motion tracking and sonar. They are vulnerable to particles iridium boron isotope 7.

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