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The Trianii were a race of felinoids, which was native to the planet Trian, evolved from a species of predatory felines. They were humanoid in stature, with prehensile tails and sleek fur. Female Trianii were generally stronger and faster than the males, and the Trianii were ruled by the tribunal of females known as the yu'nar. Trianii culture was strongly based on the family, and their primary religions all stressed the need for families. For many generations, the Trianii existed in relative isolation. When the Corporate Sector Authority decided to annex the planet Trian, during the early years of the New Order, the Trianii refused to allow this to happen. Many of them resisted, but the planet was eventually annexed by force. Some Trianii continued to speak out against the Authority, and were captured and held at Stars' End. After the Battle of Endor, the Trianii were able to drive out the CSA and reclaim their systems. Curious by nature, the Trianii were known to be excellent scouts and explorers. The most agile and cunning Trianii often become Rangers, an elite group of warriors made up of both males and females of the race. The females of the Trianii race were exceptional dancers, and their ritualistic performances were nothing short of high artistry and acts of devotion to their race and their art.

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