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The Trebhum are a tribal race of bipedal creatures. The current status of the species is unclear due to the involvement of the Eternal Cylinder.


The Trebhum are considered fairly low on the food chain due to their smaller size. In their default forms, Trebhum have rounded bodies and a set of legs with large, flattened feet for basic locomotion. Their most prominent feature is their elongated snouts, which they are capable of using to either feed, or to carry smaller objects in a similar manor to elephantine trunks.

Trebhums have also evolved a storage sac within their own bodies, allowing the creature to store away food for a later date. Food within this sac can remain fresh for a long period of time, and can be shared amongst other Trebhums.


Trebhum Mutation.gif

The most unique ability that the Trebhum possess is their ability to shape-shift, as means to adapt to different environments and predation pressures. This form of shape-shifting was once able to be done by pure will, but thanks to the involvement of the Servants of the Eternal Cylinder, this ability has been severely weakened, and currently still being taken away from them.

In modern times, the Trebhum's main means of shape-shifting (otherwise known as "Mutation") is to consume particular materials that would trigger specific mutations. Most of these are of organic origin, and numerous other forms and mutations had been documented over numerous studies of the Trebhum:

List of Mutations[]

The game of The Eternal Cylinder is only in the beta, so not all mutations are available. But these are the ones that are:

  • Leaping Legs: This mutation is available by eating a hophopop pod, which greatly improves the height of your jump.
  • Storage Body: The pouchfish, a resilient, cosmopolitan species adapted for surviving lean periods by storing excess food in its stomach, will give you this mutation when eaten. The storage body doubles your inventory space, for a total of 6 inventory spaces.
  • Webbed Feet: The leaptail is a fish endemic to ponds in the Savanna. Its horizontal caudal fin is particularly powerful, making it harder to catch. When eaten, leaptail gives you the webbed feet mutation which increases your swim speed and allows you to perform a high jump out the water.
  • Aposematic Skin: This mutation is gained when eating a prickly pome, a fruit which hangs at the top of of a cactus-like plant in the Savannah. It will fall down when sprayed by water. Eating it gives your skin with cactus spikes, making you invulnerable to being eaten by predators.
  • Wheel Body: This mutation changes your body shape into a cylinder, slowing your roll speed, but it allows you to kill almost any animal by rolling into them, not just the small ones. It is definitely one of the best mutations.
  • Iridescent Skin: This mutation is obtainable from an open shelled grollusc shell. Occasionally a shelled grollusc will leave its shell for a short time, leaving behind an iridescent pearl in its shell. This pearl must be cracked, revealing a grollusc sac inside, that when eaten gives you very spakrly skin, making your trebhum sparkly and shiny as trebhum should be! I have also found that standing near a rock heated by a
  • Deimatic Trunk: Obtainable from eating a Tuba Tuber plant and this mutation allows trebhum to make a sound which will startle or frighten predators.
  • Furred Skin: Eating a furball plant which grows in the tundra will give you this mutation, allowing your trebhum to become furry and be resistant to the cold of the Tundra.
  • Legless: When you kill a Glickbol, it will drop a Glickbol head which gives your trebhum the legless mutation for 20 seconds. This mutation removes your legs and ceases jumping; you can only roll. Your legs will come back after 20 seconds, keeping your previous leg mutation.
  • Irascible Trunk: This mutation is obtainable from an Omnogrom pellet, gained from killing an Omnogrom. This mutation turns your trunk into a mouth, making a non-stop annoying noise for five minutes straight. You can stop it by giving that trebhum a different trunk mutation.
  • Cuboid Body: This mutation turns your trebhum into a cube, allowing it to fit into openings inside ancient Trebhum Structures. You can get it by eating an organic cube.
  • Perceptive Eyes: These eyes can see light frequencies that other trebhum cannot, leading you to secret caves and other places.
  • Plated Body: Cracking a klaborok pearl gives you a microbiotal colony. When that is eaten, it gives you this mutation. The plated body does not function the same way as the aposematic skin; it just gives more health.
  • Mineral Processor: The mineral processor turns minerals in this trebhum's inventory into shinies over time, which can be used to get more trebhum and upgrade your pack.
  • Water Processor: Automatically turns food in its inventory into water. It can't use minerals but will turn mutation-based foods into water as well.
  • Entomophilous Skin: Gives your Trebhum a cool haircut. Causes your trebhum to grow a patch of grass-like hair which attracts sack flies, special flies which give life when eaten.
  • Extractive Trunk: This mutation is gained by eating a cyropolyp, a plant which can be found growing on frozen lakes in the tundra. Trebhum with this mutation gain more water when eating water-based foods.
  • Third Eye: This mutation allows you to track any food that you have encountered before in your journey by guiding you to it via a compass at the bottom of your screen.
  • Luminescent Skin: This mutation makes you glow in the dark, allowing you to explore dark areas.
  • Hypnotic Trunk: A trunk which can make you sing. It is gained when you eat a piper plant, a plant growing in very small caves. When you sing, Glickbol are attracted to you. This mutation is sort of useless, as glickbol give the legless mutation when their heads are eaten, which isn't exactly useful. However, Glickbol are prey to most predators, including some of the ones that hunt trebhum, so the main draw to having this trunk is that you pretty much always have glickbols that can be used as a diversion to most predators.
  • Filter Trunk: This trunk filters toxic fumes, allowing trebhum to go into poisonous chasms and not take any damage.
  • Amphibian Body: This mutation allows you to swim without losing any stamina, however you cannot regenerate any stamina while swimming.
  • Toxic Trunk: This mutation can be gotten by eating an acid pump from killing a Tonglegrop, which, if you've ever met one, you're sure is no easy task. This mutation allows you to spit acid instead of water at enemies, dealing damage.
  • Imparied Eyes: Obtainable by eating a tripobosh or onogrosh antenna. Replaces that Trebhum's eyes with antenna, greatly reducing the detail of your vision when looking from that trebhum. Switching will cancel it, but that trebhum with this mutation will look a little different.
  • Inflatable Body: This allows the Trebhum to linger in the air by inflating itself. Geysers can help trebhum with this mutation reach extraordinary heights. When you are falling while inflated, quickly uninflate and reinflate to stay in the air a little longer.
  • Meteor Foot: These feet allow the trebhum to do a ground pound by pressing jump again while in the air. They also prevent the trebhum from being damaged by walking on hot surfaces.
  • Hose Trunk: This trunk allows that trebhum to spit water much further than it would normally.
  • Extendable Eyes: This mutation allows the trebhum's eyes to float in mid-air, and float upwards, giving an areal view of the surrounding area.

Hidden Mutations[]

When you get the balloon mutation for the first time (in the beta), skipping the next tower and activate the next one will bring you to a secret tundra area where you can unlock four new mutations:

  • Electrogenic Skin: A mutation which allows you to revive weakened or incapacitated trebhum if you get to them in time without spending any minerals.
  • Analytical Eyes: When a trebhum with these eyes keeps an unknown creature in its sightline for long enough, that creature appears in the compendium so you can learn more about it. This is gained when eating Ocular Othropod.
  • Regenerative Body: This mutation essentially turns you into a beating heart, increasing your health regen rate rapidly. It is gained when eating the heart of a Frozen Sklaa.
  • Mixer Body: This mutation allows you to combine foods into different bombs which you can throw at enemies to kill. It also gives you four inventory spaces. You can get it by killing a blue Tonglegroplet.

Out of Bounds Mutations[]

These mutations are only obtainable when you execute a glitch that permanently stops the Cylinder, giving you free reign to explore anywhere.

  • Quadruped Legs: The trebhum gains four legs, allowing it to move much faster and accelerate rapidly. It is gained when eating a tetracrab.
  • Camouflage Skin: This mutation is obtainable all over the desert and makes you undetectable to predators for a short time in their sight line.
  • Rattle Trunk: Allows you to make a rattle noise that scares away predators much more. Essentially just a large upgrade from Deimatic Trunk. Obtainable from an Articulated Angstok.
  • Tongued Trunk: Gives your trebhum a tongue which it can shoot out its trunk to poke predators and hit objects. This mutation is gained by eating a tongue bag which is dropped by a Roondaslock.
  • Crystalline Skin: Adds a protective crystalline layer to the skin and makes it possible to blend in with crystal formations. Gained by eating Tretrahedron Flesh obtained when a Tetrahedron is cracked. They can be found in the Desert by following these steps; find a common chest in the desert with shade by large shells. There should be some bones leading up to a ledge where the Tetrahedron can be found in the mouth of a Tonglegrop statue. Eating the Tetrahedron Flesh glitches the game and lets you see objectives in the full game.

Insider Information[]

These are insider information mutations gathered by our team of top-secret spy researchers.

  • Pyrogenic Trunk: Ignites a small flame at the tip of a Trebhum's trunk. Allows the Trebhum to light the area it is standing on with fire for a short duration.
  • Unstable Body: A Trebhum with this mutation eventually explodes after 10 seconds, dealing huge damage to creatures next to him during the explosion.
  • Master of Song: Allows the Trebhum to sing the song of the Celestial Trewhaala, thus summoning them.

Culture and society[]

The Trebhum are sociable creatures, not meant to be alone, and constantly bound in various groups. The Trebhum have hardly, if ever, been observed alone and hold great bonds with one another. These creatures communicate with each other through trumpeting calls and grunts.

As far as the actual culture of the Trebhums go, most of it has long been ancient, and hidden within shrines and caves rather than out in the open. These shrines are presumably built by the Trebhum, but this is speculative at current state. Younger Trebhums gather in such places to be safe from predators, and share genetic memories with one another, along with knowledge gained from a Trebhum Elder. The race has various folk lore stories involving the creatures outside, such as the Zooshgarg.