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An Image Of A Jimez Smoot descendant with it's carrier.

The Travelers of the Stars were a post human species from Dougal Dixons speculative evolution book, Man After Man. They are also referred to as Jimez Smoot's descendant.


After Earth's environment has collapsed under human pressure, the most perfect human specimens were sent up into space to colonise new planets. They used the Vacuumorphs to build 37 of these spaceships.

Once these humans left Earth, nothing is heard of them until 5 million years. It is assumed that one of the 37 spaceships that left Earth found a habitable planet and genetic changes occurred in order to live on this planet. When they reached Earth, they cannot recognise since their bodies have evolved too much to deal with the environments of other planets. However, they still exploit the local species and turn them into food sources, locomotion and workers. 

Not long after they arrive, the entirety of Earth is almost destroyed. They move on to find another planet to exploit leaving only one Homo Sapiens ancestor left, Piscanthropus Profundus.

Appearance (physical)Edit

The actual organism inside is not seen. However, they wear a black exoskeleton-like suit and ride a deer looking organism descended from the temperate forest dwellers. There are small nodes attached to this organism, and it is said that it is controlled telepathically by the rider. 

Appearance (In Media)Edit

  • Man After Man, Dougal Dixon
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