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The Traveler is a massive sentient planet-like sphere that travels to Earth to aid the progression of advanced technology and a Utopian society for mankind.

History Edit

While the origins of this massive being are mostly unknown, what is known about The Traveler is that it came to our solar system in the not-to-distant future and terraformed moons and planets such as Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, etc. Because of this, it wasn't long before it caught the attention of mankind, who have sent a team of astronauts to the next planet The Traveler was going to visit: Mars. Upon the arriving to Mars, the astronauts came across The Traveler in the middle of terraforming the planet by creating rain. As The Traveler came to Earth, it aided mankind by creating advanced technology for the humans and helped them achieve space travel. All of which led Earth into a Utopian era called the Golden Age. However, it was discovered that The Traveler had various enemies such as the Vex, Hive, Cabal, and the Eliksni in an alliance known under the alias: The Darkness. Upon discovering The Traveler's location, The Darkness went from planet to planet in the solar system killing the human inhabitants and having themselves thrive on the planets.

This massacre from the Darkness and fall of humanity's societal growth is known as an event called The Collapse. The Darkness then set it's sights on Earth and destroyed many cities and began to populate the Earth, killing whatever human crossed their path. In an attempt to save what's left of humanity, The Traveler began to move under mankind's last remaining city and have it protected by a powerful energy resonating from The Traveler called Light (not to be confused with literal light and is supposedly the energy that helped humanity reach the Golden Age). The Traveler then used what Light it had left to create tiny flying robots called Ghosts before The Traveler became dormant. The Ghosts then searched long dead soldiers and warriors on planet Earth and resurrected them with Light, turning them into Guardians who use the Light given to them by the Ghosts to fight the Darkness and save humanity and The Traveler.

Notes Edit

  • Because of The Traveler's hidden origin and mystery, there have been various theories that The Traveler might have more sinister intentions with it's arrival to the solar system. One example of this is the game theory made by Mathew Patrick on Destiny's lore.
  • There was an Easter egg of The Traveler in Halo 3: ODST with a poster of Earth and a moon like object with the text above saying "Destiny Awaits".
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