Alien Species

The Trakallans are a large humanoid-insectoid species native to the Beta Lyrae star system; which need to live in a foggy, non-oxygen atmosphere.


They have a four-limbed bipedal humanoid body plan, comparatively large heads with long compound eyes and insectile mandibles. Atypically for insectoids, they have no antennae. Their language seems to consist of insectile vocalizations, and they use a translator device to communicate with humanoids.

It is possible that their race is related to the equally insectoid, methane-breathing Gaim; but unlike the Gaim, the Trakallans do not seem to be a gregarious race, much less hive-based.


  • The name and origin of this species is non-canon, originating in the novel Clark's Law. Canonically, they have no name other that N'Grath's species, after N'Grath, the only Trakallan character who has been seen onscreen.