"Burn with Me!"
―Torajii in its maddened state

Torajii is a living, sentient star.


Unlike most stars, Torajii is a sentient being. Like any other star is composed of a variety of gases and chemicals. It can control and manipulate these elements to take over other being from a distance. Once its taken a victim over it can control the body like a puppet. Victims of possession are capable or releasing intense heat from their eyes; enough to vaporize a human body to ashes. Torajii is capable of using the memories of those it has infected to its own advantage and intelligently react to problems

Forcibly removing a piece of Torajii will cause it incredible pain. The Doctor while under possession described the pain to be akin to having ones heart pulled out.


Torajii was first encountered as a sentient being when the crew of the SS Pentallian performed an illegal Fusion Scoop; removing gases from the star to power the ship. The pain of the "assault" drove Torajii into a maddened rage where it sought to take vengeance on the ship and reclaim its missing parts.

Gas from the star traveled to the ship and infected several crewmen; transforming them into its agents who would kill the non infected and crash the ship into the sun.

When the Doctor attempted to rescue Martha and another crewman from a pod that had been jettisoned he to was infected.

Thanks to Martha's quick thinking the fuel was jettosend from the ship and Torajii returned to its docile state; releasing the Doctor and pushing the Ship into a safe orbit once it regained its lost parts. Before departing the Doctor informed the surviors to place buoys around the star so no one would harm it again.


  • Doctor Who - series 3, ep. 07 - "42"
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