General Information
Homeworld Gem Homeworld
Habitat Anywhere
Body Type Humanoid
Height Bigger than Pearls and Quartzes
Skin Colors Yellow
Lifespan Immortal, unless the gem is completely shattered.
Sapience Level Sapient (unless corrupted)
Behavior Mostly silent
Language Translate to any language spoken by man
Behind the Scenes
Universe Steven Universe

Topazes are a subspecies of Gem and one of the highest-ranked breeds of the species.

Appearance Edit

Topazes are large pot-bellied Gems about the size of human sumos with yellow skin, rounded cover shaped on different sides of their heads, straight yellow hair, and maroon, mahogany, and dark brown bodysuits.

Function Edit

Much like Aquamarines, Topazes are assistants to Diamonds, as several helped with Blue and Yellow Diamond's introductions during the Era 3 ball. Topazes also can act as guards, much like Quartzes.

They are used to contain humans for the Human Zoo by fusing together into one larger Topaz and trapping humans in their own bodies for storage.

Gallery Edit

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