Alien Species

The Toongs were a race of squat, thin-limbed aliens from the planet Toong'L, located near the Tund System. Their bodies were short in stature and covered with green skin. They have no neck or shoulders, as most humanoids do, and their faces seem to make up their entire torso.

When Old Republic scouts first made contact with the Toong race, they were unable to comprehend the visitors from the stars, and their civilization was thrown into turmoil. International wars erupted, much to the dismay of the scouts, who had been led to believe the Toongs were peaceful. After many weeks, the Republic was able to re-establish contact with the Toongs, realizing that the sudden appearance of aliens triggered a fight-or-flight instinct in the Toong people. Eventually, the Toongs agreed to join the galactic community, after realizing that alien races weren't something to fear. The Toongs quickly adopted the technology of the Republic, and began to colonize nearby worlds.

Modern Toongs were forced to flee Toong'l when an environmental disaster left the planet uninhabitable, just before the Battle of Naboo. They fled to Tund, but were again forced to relocate when Rokur Gepta destroyed that planet.