Alien Species
Universe Star Wars
Homeworld Askaj
Diet Herbivore (Presumed)
Sapience Level Non-Sapient

Tomuons are long-horned, woolly herd-oriented faunal organisms indigenous to the planet Askaj, which is also home to the Askajians. In fact, they are harvested by the aforementioned Askajians as their coats can be turned into a highly prized fabric which is the Askajian's only export off-world; in fact it is so prized that it was rumored that Darth Sidious' robes were made of tomuon wool.

Their coats were not the only part of their body used by the Askajians; they also were harvested for their meat, milk, hooves, fat, and bones for food and other essential items.


  • Tomuons are sometimes conflictingly spelled "Toumon", but "Tomuon" is considered the canonical spelling.