The Tollan were an advanced civilization encountered by Stargate Command, who possessed massive technological superiority over the Goa'uld. This had resulted in them being stubborn to the point of arrogance, believing any species with lesser technology than theirs to be inferior. Also, they generally preferred isolation from the rest of the galaxy, depending on their advanced defensive technologies to keep their homeworld, Tollana, safe from external threats. However, this reliance on a sheer tactical advantage and arrogance made Teal'c note that the Tollan "do not think strategically". Their superior technology made them overconfident, as they seemed to think their Ion Cannons would always protect them against the Goa'uld. However, the Goa'uld always sought ways to find and steal advanced technology, and if they could not simply take it, they would enslave or destroy the more advanced cultures instead. Well aware of the Tollans powerful technology, the Goa'uld tried to trick and destroy Tollana, but it wasn't before Anubis found a way to make his fleet impervious to the Tollan Ion cannons, their only defense, they met their eventual destruction, which most likely could have been avoided had they taken the threat of the Goa'uld more seriously - and developed their technology accordingly.

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