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General Information
Homeworld None - Created as anomalies during cosmic storms
Height 150 meters
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapience
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

To'kustar is a species who are created in Cosmic Storms.


To'kustars are large humanoid creatures with 4-fingered hands and slightly muscular bodies. Their body, face, limbs, and hands are either white or grey. They have stripes on their torso and legs, spots on their shoulders, stump-like feet, a blade on their head, and forearms with pointed elbows that come in different colors such as red, blue, purple, orange, and green.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

To'kustars have thick skin resistant to most other attacks, physical or energy, as well as their size giving them extraordinary strength, even in proportion to their size. Their strength allows them to defeat a normal-sized army and lift objects and creatures around their own size with little effort, and even throw them into space.

To'kustars can blast strong cosmic rays by positioning their arms in an L or X shape. These rays are powerful enough to disintegrate a small fleet of spaceships and destroy planets in one shot.

To'kustars can create and control cosmic storms which can also be used for inhabitation and travel. 


To'kustars are nonviolent beings, and so are commonly known as "gentle giants". Mutant To'Kustars (dubbed "Way Bads"), however, are feral and attack anything on sight.


A To'kustar's head fin is vulnerable, causing paralyzing pain throughout their body if attacked or damaged.

Despite their immense durability, To'kustars are still vulnerable to foes with sufficient strength.

Surprisingly, To'Kustars have a virus as their predator that is very small in contrast to their size.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • To'Kustars seem to be based on the Ultraman characters.
    • One of To'Kustar's attacks is an homage to Ultraman's signature finishing move, The Specium Ray.
    • The first part of his name is derived from the word Toku, which is a short version of the word Tokusatsu. This is a term used for a genre of live action and special effects driven Japanese cinema and television that Ultraman is a part of. 
  • To'kustars can evolve into Evolved To'kustars.
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