The Titani are an ancient and mysterious interstellar species that featured in an episode of Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends.

History Edit

Long ago, the Titani visited the planet Earth where they were incorporated within Earth mythology as the Greek Titans. During their short stay on the planet, they placed a series of defenses to protect the world against external threats. They were also responsible for creating the large Cyclops to guard the planet while they left to parts unknown.

The race would be largely a mystery though the Banshee were aware of them and encountered their large constructs. It was known to the Banshee that these Cyclop machines were not constructed with hostile intent.

Thousands of years ago during the time of Atlantis, the Titani Cyclop constructs were activated for their intended purpose of protecting the planet from the Shadoen race. They made use of a powerful pulse weapon which repulsed the alien invaders and forced them to retreat. However, the weapon's power resulted in the destruction of Atlantis in the process with the Cyclops being buried in myths and legends. One would be damaged and left abandoned in a Titani stronghold while another became inert and became the Talos of Greek myths.

One Cyclops was found by Human archaeologists and the Global Alliance moved in to study the machine. This unit brainwashed an Alliance agent and an archaeologist to help it locate its twin unit. These units then reactivated the ancient pulse weapon in order to target the coming Shadoen armada but were destroyed by the Global Alliance under the orders of General James Rinnaker.

Culture Edit

Little is known on what the Titani look like or where they reside. All that is known is that they were a peaceful species who worked to protect Humanity from the evil Shadoen race.

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