Titan (Final Space)
General Information
Homeworld Final Space
Body Type Humanoid
Locomotion Levitation
Sapience Level Sapient
Racial Abilities Essokinesis
Behind the Scenes
Universe Final Space

The Titans are a ancient race of demonic extraterrestrial kaijus that prisoned the dimension of Final Space.

Biology Edit

According to Nightfall, the Titans are monstrous nightmares in that "words are a waste to describing their horror". Judging by one specimen, the Titans are massive beings, a single hand of a Titan capable of enclosing around a medium size planet, their brain chambers being large enough for a small vessel to fly in and land comfortably. Titans have full control of their internal functions and project their thoughts through telepathy. They are powerful cosmic beings, even an imprisoned specimen in Inner Space was shown to bend time.

History Edit

In the beginning the Titans were the creations of race of beings known as the Arachnitects. They assited their creators in layering of dimensions. When the Arachnitects reached the end of the universe they disturbed an unimaginable evil.

It was later learned that the rampage of the Titans was caused by a malevolent being named Invictus. He corrupted the Titans to cause destruction across creation. Only one Titan broke free Bolo. With the help of his creators they managed to seal Invictus and the Titans in Final Space. However Bolo was too imprisoned in Inner Space by the other Titans.

Culture Edit

Described as a race of vengeful giants that poison the universe with chaos. Each Titan rules a different realm. Some orders such as the Helpers of the Order of the Twelve worship them as gods.

Appearances Edit

  • Final Space Chapter 7 (2018)
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