The Tiger Thresher is a ray-finned fish beast that lives within the oceans of Europa

Biology[edit | edit source]

Tiger Threshers are eel-like creatures that have leopard-like splotches towards the front of their body, and small stripes towards their tail (like a tiger). Their head is transparent and bioluminescent, like that of a barreleye fish. Like the head of the Tiger Thresher, their tail also glows, but not as brightly as their head. The spine of the Tiger Thresher has spiny protrusions that cover the majority of their back. Tiger Threshers do not have visible eyes, like most of the sea-life on Europa.

Tiger Threshers are commonly found in swarms with Bone Threshers.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

They are territorial creatures. their diet consists of smaller creatures such as Crawlers or Humans, but they will attack any other organism in sight, no matter its size or diet. They have even been also known to cannibalize their own kind if a live one comes across a carcass of another Tiger Thresher.

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