Alien Species
Ichor (by Scrin)
Tiberium (by Humans)
Universe Command & Conquer Universe
Homeworld Ichor Hub
Average Height Depends upon several factors
Diet Lithovore (minerals, chemicals, consumes by reproducing)
Omnivore (any organic material)
Sapience Level Semi-Sapient
"Subspecies" Tiberium riparius, Tiberium vinifera, Tiberium aboreus, Tiberium cruentus, "Red Tiberium", Tiberium Algae, Tiberium Creep, Tiberium Glacier, Liquid Tiberium, Tiberium Gas, Ionic Tiberium

Ichor, known to Humans as Tiberium (due to a lack of knowledge as to the actual name of the object) and also known by the slang terms Ti-rock and Tibe, is a highly-dangerous, crystalline, semi-organic mutagen used by the Scrin as an ichoriforming agent that is apparently indigenous to Ichor Hub.

Tiberium was discovered simultaneously by doctor Ignatio Mobius and Kane, on the banks of the Tiber River. Kane named it after the Emperor Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus, Mobius named it after the river.

Tiberium absorbs all minerals into its crystal lattice, including minerals needed for farming. This gives the ground a scorched appearance after it is mined away, and completely useless. It converts nearby substances into more tiberium by striking its atomic structure with its own radioactive particles. The organism is a strange combination of a crystal and a flora. A pod at the base sends out roots into the ground to absorb minerals, and sprouts a crystalline growth at the top. This growth turns blue when gorged on minerals, although it also becomes extremely unstable as a result.

Known Tiberium Wildlife[]

  • Blossomtree
  • Tiberian Crab
  • Tiberian Fiend
  • Tiberian Floater
  • Tiberium Plants
  • Veinhole Monster
  • Visceroid