Alien Species
Universe Warcraft
Homeworld Azeroth
Average Height Variable; may not have a maximum size
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Non-Sapient

Threshadons, sometimes known simply by their nickname, Threshers, are fully-aquatic reptilianoid predators which inhabit numerous bodies of water around the planet Azeroth. In their presumably native pelagic habitats they can grow to absolutely immense sizes, but those found in lakes and closer to shore are always significantly smaller; this seems most likely due to the space in a given location. Because many subspecies are found within lakes that have no access to the ocean, it is therefore easily deduced that their species is an ancient one, which existed in its current form long before a large ocean dried up and left them trapped in their current locations. This could also be because of the Titans having placed them in their current locations, but this seems extremely unlikely.

Threshadons often produce a substance known as ambergris, which most likely helps them in their digestion.

Notable members[]

  • Isha Awak
  • Nessy
  • Old Serra'kis

Threshadon Subspecies[]