• I really have to say thanks, you've been doing a great job with all those new pages, and especially the Pikmin page (I'm glad we finally have one). There's just one thing I'd like to ask you, which is to try to write pages from an in-universe perspective in the future. That means: don't mention what game or media the species originated from in the main text. You may use the appearances section or a notes section for this instead, but the main text should be written as if the species and its setting were real: that's been sort of the policy here since long before I've joined. In any case, thanks for taking your time to help the wiki and keep up the good work :)

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    • AH, gotcha. I honestly did that because there's no exact "timeline" in the game. You know, no exact dates and what not, and it just kinda looked a bit more catchy than just a simple list of names. I'll keep that in mind in future, and I'll say this: the Pikmin Universe is gonna get A LOOOOOT bigger ;)

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