Alien Species
Universe Star Wars
Homeworld Alderaan
Diet Small flying organisms
Sapience Level Non-sapient

Thranta is the name applied to a very speciose group of flying, non-sapient creatures native to the planet Alderaan. Many species of Thrantas could be found in the skies of the planet, prior to its destruction.

Great Thranta

The Great Thranta

Thrantas are very large beasts, but usually feed on small flying creatures and aeroplankton. They have huge wings, and airsacs inside their bodies to help them to stay aloft. Most species were used as pack animals by Humans. One species, the Great Thranta, was easily the largest, being fifteen times longer than the Pilotta Thranta, the second largest species.

When Alderaan was destroyed by the Galactic Empire, most Thranta species were extinct, including the noble Great Thranta. Some, however, like the Common Thranta, had been introduced in other worlds, thus escaping from extinction. While a population of Thrantas once existed in Coruscant, they became extinct there due to intense pollution of the skies. Today, Thrantas can be found mainly in the gas giant Bespin.