Those Who Sit Above in Shadow

Those Who Sit Above in Shadow are a group of entities from the Marvel Universe.

Background Edit

Those Who Sit Above in Shadow were allegedly the creators of the Asgardians, that fed off the energy from the endless cycle of death and rebirth of the Asgardians during Ragnarök.

The Asgardians later freed themselves fro the endless cycle thanks to Thor who destroyed the Loom of the Fates. With the end of the cycle the entities seemingly perished with their source of energy gone.

During Incursions, they appeared in Odin's vision mocking him that the end was coming. After the destruction of the entire Marvel Multiverse, Loki was one of the few survivors to escape. In the emptiness that existed outside the Multiverse, he found himself face to face with Those Who Sit Above in Shadows. Seeing that the trickster had in his possession the last of the Asgardians' essence they demanded that he surrender it to them so they may feed.

Loki refused, and inquired about Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, their origin and existence. He questions if the gods such as the Asgardians come from the stories of mortals, was possible that the gods of the gods didn't create the gods, but had been created by them. Unwilling to answer or even counter the questions posed by Loki, Those Who Sit Above in Shadows vanished.

Appearances Edit

  • X-Men and Alpha Flight Vol 1 1 (1985)
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