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The Spacewomen were a trio of alien women whose planet had been destroyed by the evil alien race known as the Zanon. They made their new home on Earth, where they disguised themselves as Earth women and sought to defend it against otherworldly threats.

The women are as follows:

  • The leader is called Kilara, who works as a pet shop owner.
  • The second woman is Marsha, who works as a saleswoman at a car ownership.
  • The third woman is Mitan, who works as a school teacher.

The spacewomen have a variety of powers; including been able to fly, change size and teleport, while Kilara is shown to be a strong combatant - although she resorts to this only when necessary as killing other living beings is against her people's principles. Kilara also has a van that can transform into a spacecraft (that appears like a floating orange light) as well as a musical organ that can be used as a teleport.

The three women are notable for been among the few friendly extraterrestrials in the Gamera franchise.


When the evil aliens known as the Zanon attacked their home-world, the three spacewomen fled to look for a new home (it's unbeknown how many others of their people survived, but its presumed there were very few). The trio eventually settled on Earth, integrating themselves into human society and vowing to protect the planet should the need arise. However, Zanon would soon find its way towards Earth with the intention of either enslaving humanity or destroying Earth if humanity doesn't surrender.

Learning that Zanon could sense them in their superhero forms, the women are faced with a tough dilemma

The spacewomen in their human forms.

as it means they have to remain in their human disguises in order to avoid Zanon's detection. To make matters worse, the Zanon send an evil Spacewoman known as Giruge to kill the trio - in order to ensure their plans succeed. The true extent of the crisis soon become apparent for the trio as the Zanon revive the monster Gyaos to attack Japan. However, the women learn from a small boy called Keiichi about the Earth monster known as Gamera - realizing that he could help them to save the planet. Risking their lives, the women transform into their superhero forms and try to summon Gamera - narrowly dodging powerful lasers fired by Zanon's ship.

Their attempt is successful, with Gamera been summoned and battling Gyaos. Watching the battles, Kilara

Keiichi saves the Spacewomen.

realizes after Gamera's battle with Zigra that Keiichi is in trouble after seeing him on her screen running away from Giruge. Pressing some keys on her organ, she teleports Keiichi to safety in the pet shop. Despite now knowing that Kilara and the other women are superheroes after they demonstrate their power to change size, he promises not to tell. The women, however, narrowly escape death when Giruge finds the group's van and destroys it - with Keiichi finding the trio shrunken down inside a special terrarium and helping them return to normal size. 

Another problem occurs for the group, however, when the Zanon manage to attach a 'mind control' disk to

Kilara approaches the control disc on Gamera's neck.

Gamera's neck, following a suggestion by Giruge after Gamer defeats Jiger. With Gamera now under their control, the Zanon send him on a rampage across Japan. Risking her life, Kilara transforms into her superhero form and lands on the top of the disk after dodging a hail-fire of laser fire from the Zanon's ship. Using this to her advantage, Kilara remains on top of the disc and jumps clear just as Zanon's ship fires at her. The shot destroys the control disc - freeing Gamera of his unwilling servitude.

Not long after returning, however, the group are found by Giruge - with Marsha and Mitan keeping Keiichi

Kilara battles Giruge.

safe while Kilara battles Giruge. Despite the attempts of her foe, Kilara defeats Giruge - who is injured during the fight after accidentally shooting herself in the leg. Not wanting to abandon her principles, Kilara refuses to kill Giruge before then stopping Giruge from committing suicide. The group return to Keiichi's house - taking an unconscious Giruge with them. After watching Gamera defeat Barugon, the group head out to the park as Gamera returns victorious.

Kilara and Keiichi fly together.

After Giruge sacrifices herself to save the other spacewomen, the group watches as Gamera heads out into space to attack the Zanon's ship - sacrificing himself by launching a kamikaze attack which results in a violent explosion that annihilates the ship, but also causes Gamera's death. With Keiichi notably upset at Gamera's death, Kilara comforts him and states that while Gamera is gone, his heroic sacrifice means that Earth is now safe once again. The Space Women then take Keiichi for a flight with them over Tokyo.


Gamera: Super Monster - Movie.