The Shape
The Shape
Biography Information
Alias The Angel
Homeworld Otherworldly Dimension invisible to humans
Species Unknown (referred to as an angel)
Gender Genderless
Height est. 4 - 5 feet
Weight Weightless
Diet N/A
Language Mute
Occupation Otherworldly Deity
Religion Cult
Interests Turning "sinned" Humans into Sleepwalkers.
Abilities Mind Control
Personality Lawful Evil
Status Active
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Blackout Club

The Shape is an otherworldly, almost Demonic deity, and the main antagonist within the PC game "The Blackout Club". It's one of the followers under the being "SPEAK-AS-ONE".


The Shape manifests as a Humanoid. It has no distinguishing features (nose, eyes, mouth, etc.), yet fingers and toes and notably visible. Its entire body is made up of a bright amber light that resembles that of fire, though it isn't hot to the touch. It also has dark red extensions from its back that seemingly resemble wings, giving it a sort of Angel-like appearance. This was what gave the Shape its other known name - The Angel.

It is a evil entity, but follows strict sort of rule system: It won't manifest into the real world unless it senses a Human who has "sinned" an exceptional amount of times. Upon this, it will manifest and hunt down this person to turn them into a Sleepwalker. If it comes across a group of humans it will target the highest sinner first and work its way down.


A notable detail about the Shape is that when manifesting into the real world, it is completely invisible to the naked eye. It can only be "seen" by beings who close their eyes.

It has an extreme level of mind control, and psychic manipulation over other beings, most effective while the victim is asleep. In this state, The Shape can fully control the actions of numerous individuals, many of which unable to remember anything upon waking up. While unable to speak itself, it can project thoughts into an individual if it so chooses to.

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