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The Overdog
Universe Metroid
Species Aurora Unit (Presumed)
Gender Unspecified (Likely None)
Hair color None
Eye color Unspecified
Homeworld Naiad
Affiliation Galactic Federation

The Overdog is a supercomputer presumably built by the enigmatic Chozo. While its exact specifications are currently unclear, it features a network of information comparable to the Internet and apparently has advanced sensors and can predict the future to a limited extent. It may represent the future of the Aurora Units for the Galactic Federation, although given the Mother Brain's high likelihood of being an Aurora Unit, this is not necessarily a great thing.

Apparently, one thousand years ago, the Overdog had a "chosen race" of Chozo referred to as the Proto Chozo, who existed in a massive ancient city on the planet Naiad. What happened to these Proto Chozo is unknown.


  • The name "Overdog" may be something of a portmanteau of the contrasting words "overlord" and "underdog".