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This is a full timeline comprised of all major events in interstellar pop-culture. From the Great Time War (Doctor Who) to the destruction of the Death Star (Star Wars). From man's first contact with extraterrestrials (Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Arrival, Contact) to the destruction of major planets (Titan A.E., Transformers, DC, Marvel, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Star Wars, etc.).

Before time / Before the Universe

  • Before time itself, ancient beings of darkness and light ruled the void between universes. Darkness incarnate, known as The Beast, was a being of temptation, sorrow, anger, destruction and the death of hope who has fought against the Disciples of the Light. The Disciples managed to imprison The Beast in the center of a planet called Krop Tor orbiting around a black hole. The Disciples rigged the planet so that if The Beast were to escape Krop Tor, the planet will loose it's gravitational orbit with the black hole and fall into the event horizon. Over time and after the Big Bang, the legend of the Beast lived on in the universe after the death of the Disciples which inspired the beliefs in religious figures across the universe such as Lucifer or Satan and many others. (Doctor Who)
  • The Ixtl Empire forms in the universe predating our own. (The Voyage of the Space Beagle)
  • Out of nothingness, an egg appears that later in the creation of the universe Arceus would be born. (Pokémon)
  • Before time, there was nothing, and before nothing, there were monsters and in an agreement between them the multiverse arose. (Adventure Time)
  • A single sentient universe exists called the First Firmament. In its loneliness, it creates the first ever beings called Aspirants. However, a group of them rebel and begin calling themselves Celestials, whose war with the Aspirants causes the Firmament to shatter and create the 2nd Cosmos, a multiverse. 4 more iterations of the multiverse come and go for an unspecified amount of time before the current cosmos, the 7th, begins via Big Bang. (Marvel)
  • The spaceship Infinite was created. (Doctor Who)
  • Six singularities occurred before existence. (Marvel)
  • Taa's civilisation is wiped out during the big bang and the only survivor of this civilization (Galan) is reborn as Galactus in the new universe. (Marvel)
  • The Contemelia and Slimebiotes exist at this time. (Ben 10)

Events dating back and forth through time

  • At an unknown point in history, an ancient race of aliens called Time Lords fought in a brutal war with each other at different points in history and even used time as a weapon in their battles with time loops and temporal paradoxes. This was the first Time War. A second war broke out a generation after the rule of Rassilon and lasted for 30,000 years. Instead of each other, the Time Lords fought against other races developing time travel such as the Charon who the Time Lords had destroyed. Later, the Deindum War started as an attempt to erase the Deindum from existence before they develop into a war-like race. As another war between the Time Lords and the Daleks began, a single Time Lord known only as the Doctor decided to destroy the Time Lord home planet Gallifrey in an attempt to eradicate the Dalek race during the Last Great Time War. Unfortunately, after an encounter with his future selves, his decision of committing genocide was averted and he and his future selves decided to keep Gallifrey alive by having it reside in a pocket universe trapped in time. In the midst of Gallifrey's transportation into the pocket universe, the Doctor escapes by stealing a Time Lord ship called a TARDIS and deciding to live out the lives of his future selves and travel throughout time and space. (Doctor Who)
  • In the second Time War, an unnamed species created the Reality Bomb and were later eliminated by the Time Lords. (Doctor Who)

20 billion years ago

  • The time of the Silastic Armourfiends of Striterax, who build a hyper-intelligent computer called Hactar, which is later pulverized after sabotaging what the Armorfiends intended to be the ultimate weapon. It remains operative as a cloud of interstellar dust and retains the ability to subtly influence minds and matter. (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

13.7 billion years ago (the Creation of the Universe)

  • A big bang occurs (general scientific belief of the universe's creation), this big bang was caused by Azathoth. A giant amalgamation of limbs, eyes, and mouths floating through space who is a cosmic deity whose very existence caused the creation of the universe. Azathoth later brings three sons into existence: Nyarlathotep, the Nameless Mist, and the Darkness. As Azathoth continued creating and destroying many worlds in the universe, his sons created minions and devised a plan to put Azathoth in a sleep like state and put a halt to his chaos. They succeed and overtime, give existence to Outer Gods such as Cthulhu which have the same cosmic god-like status as Azathoth and his sons. These Outer Gods then bring life to various Great Old Ones who bring life to various alien lifeforms on other preexisting planets. (H. P. Lovecraft)
  • The remnants of the six singularities were forged by the Big Bang into six concentrated ingots which would become known as the Infinity Stones. (Marvel)
  • At the creation of the current universe, the Ixtl Empire is destroyed but at least one individual survives, drifting through space, feeding on the energy emanated by galaxies. (The Voyage of the Space Beagle)
  • The Weeping Angels appear in our universe. (Doctor Who)
  • The Harmony are created at the moment of the universe's birth. (Endless Space)

10 billion years ago

  • Influenced by Hactar, the Krikkiters evolve and achieve spaceflight. For two thousand years, the galaxy undergoes the most devastating conflict ever recorded, the Krikkit Wars, resulting in over two "grillion" casualties. After the war ends the Krikkiters' homeworld is imprisoned in a Slo-Time envelope. (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

7 billion years ago

  • The First Born evolve and achieve sapience. (Babylon 5)

4.5 billion years ago (the Beginning of the Earth)

  • A race of aliens resembling mice creates a massive supercomputer named "Deep Thought" to calculate the answer to the ultimate question about life, the universe and everything. 7.5 million years later, Deep Thought comes up with the disappointing answer "42". But based on what Deep Thought has told them, the mice-like aliens hire the Magratheans to build them an even larger, planet-sized computer with enough processing power to come up with a satisfying question to match this answer. This new supercomputer is called Earth. (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
  • As the Earth is being created, a Racnoss ship containing the Empress of Racnoss becomes buried within the center of the Earth. (Doctor Who)
  • As the Earth begins to cool down from its own creation, a Great Old One named Cthugha arrives on Earth with his legion of Fire Vampires. (August Derleth - "The House on Curwen Street")
  • The Mala'kak arrive on Earth, where they leave a single Space Jockey to consume a black liquid that melts his body into Earth's primitive oceans. The DNA left behind by the Mala'kak is deconstructed and reconstructed in Earth's oceans where life on Earth was born. (Prometheus)

4 billion years ago (the Beginning of Life on Earth)

  • A Salaxalan ship explodes on the Earth's atmosphere, with the resulting energy released resulting in the formation of the first life forms from organic molecules scattered over the planet's primordial soups. (Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency)
    • In an alternate account of the above, the ship was actually a Jagaroth ship. (Doctor Who)
  • Groudon, a colossal creature is born from the depths of planet Earth, Kyogre a gigantic abyssal being born from the pressure of the trenches of the ocean floor, Rayquaza, a serpentine dragon is born from the minerals of the ozone layer. Groudon had the power to create land wherever he goes, while Kyogre created water, each then decided to make Earth a place of complete water and the other of complete Earth but one day the two ended up meeting and started a war for world domination. Rayquaza who was resting was awakened by the war, and so was the battle, Groudon then retreats and falls asleep in a cave that is known as Earth Cave and Kyogre retreats to a place that will become known as the Marine Cave, the Red and blue orbs are created, blue to suppress Kyogre's power, and red to suppress Groudon's power. (Pokémon)
  • The Mews population existed and was extremely abundant on Earth. (Pokémon)
  • The "Ancient Humanoids" seed the primordial soups of several inhabitable planets with DNA molecules "programmed" to evolve in certain paths, thus ensuring the future rise of several humanoid species throughout the galaxy. (Star Trek)
  • The Nestene arrive on Earth to make "deposits" by burying a billion of their kind on the ley lines to soon be released billions of years later where they will begin to conquer Earth. (Doctor Who)

3 billion years ago

  • The Martian Dwarf, Setissi and Martian Glider civilizations flourish on Mars. (Doctor Omega)
  • An intelligent non-humanoid race flourishes on Venus for about three million years, before climate alterations slowly begin to mark the end of their reign. The Sou(ou)shi attempt to prey on the Venusians, but are defeated by the Doctor and physically destroyed, surviving only as a disembodied intelligence which goes dormant on primitive Earth. (Doctor Who)

2 billion years ago

  • The galaxy is ruled by the Thrintum Empire. (Known Space)

1 billion years ago

  • A race of aliens known as the Elder Things arrive on Earth in the Antarctic region and create a city within the ice. (At the Mountain of Madness - H. P. Lovecraft)
  • The hostile species known as the Hand is imprisoned in another dimension by the First Ones. (Babylon 5)
  • Formation of the Qu civilization which would war against and exterminate the Star People over a billion years later. (All Tomorrows)

Neoproterozoic Era (1 billion - 541 million years ago)

  • 780,000,000 BC: The Chirpsithra visit the Earth and make contact with the then-dominant life form of the planet, the anaerobic lifeforms. (The Draco Tavern)
  • 600,000,000 BC: The Earth and "three other solar planets" are dominated by the mysterious Flying Polyps, a race originated from "distant universes". They would go on to fight terrible wars against the Yithian civilization which flourished on Earth much later in the Mesozoic. Some would survive hidden even into the 20th century. (The Shadow Out of Time - H. P. Lovecraft)

Paleozoic Era (541 - 251 million years ago)

  • 500,000,000 BC: The Krell civilization flourishes on Altair IV. (Forbidden Planet)
  • On Earth, the Elder Things fight against the Spawn of Cthulhu. (At the Mountains of Madness - H. P. Lovecraft)
  • 300,000,000 (Pokémon):
    • Mew's population began to decline mysteriously until it was almost extinct.
    • A prehistoric species of Genesect appears on Earth as does Kabuto and his Kabutops evolution. It is estimated that Omanyte and its evolution Omastar also appeared at this time.

Mesozoic Era (251 - 66 million years ago)

  • The Great Race of Yith inhabits Earth and wars against the Flying Polyps. Meanwhile, the Elder Things are still active on the planet, now fighting against the Mi-Go as well as dealing with the first Shoggoth rebellions. (H. P. Lovecraft)
  • The Silurians and Sea Devils flourish on Earth. (Doctor Who)
  • The intelligent dinosaurs known as the Voth evolve on Earth, but leave the planet en masse to escape a natural catastrophe. (Star Trek)
  • Earth is visited by aliens assuming the appearance of dinosaurs known as "Rainbow Faces" in order to blend in with the natives. (The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire)
  • A family of Spiders arrives on Earth during the Jurassic. (The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy)
  • "It" leaves the Macroverse and crash lands on what will soon be Derry, Maine on Earth and becomes dormant for the next several million years. (It - Stephen King)
  • 140,000,000 BC: The Vardon-Kosnax War occurs and Xeriphas is caught in the cross-fire and devastated. The surviving Xeraphin take refuge on Earth. (Doctor Who)
  • 100,000,000 BC: The Doctor has suggested this as the date when the moon started orbiting the Earth. Possibly the reason why the Silurians and Sea Devils entered hibernation. (Doctor Who)
  • 100,000,000 BC: The Thing crash lands on Earth in the Arctic where it became frozen in ice for millions of years. (The Thing)

Paleogene Period (66 to 23.03 million years ago)

  • 60,000,000 BC: A Xylok ship crash-lands on Earth and the crystalline crew becomes trapped within the Earth's crust. (The Sarah Jane Adventures)

Neogene Period (23.03 to 2.58 million years ago)

  • 20,000,000 BC:
    • A spaceship piloted by a mysterious species of shapeshifters crashes in Antarctica. One of the aliens survives frozen in the ice for the next 20 million years. (Who Goes There?)
    • The Voth settle on the Delta Quadrant and forget about their earlier history. Their descendants consider themselves native to the quadrant and refuse to believe that their ancestors could have been refugees. (Star Trek)
  • 12,000,000 BC: A member of the Fendahl species escapes its doomed homeworld and finds its way to Mars, provoking a mass extinction, before settling on Earth where it influences the development of primitive Humans. (Doctor Who)
  • 10,000,000 BC: The Forerunner - Precursor war happens rendering the Precursors almost extinct and The Forerunners take the mantle of responsibility by force. (Halo)

Pleistocene Epoch (2.588 million to 11,700 years ago)

  • Circa 1,500,000 BC: The Vorlons create an interdimensional gate and make contact with the Thirdspace Aliens for the first time. (Babylon 5)
  • "Thousands of centuries" in the past, a fusion of organic and artificial life starts to develop, giving rise to what would become known as the Borg Collective. (Star Trek)
  • Circa 497,740 BC: An unknown alien race creates the Vindrizi. (Babylon 5)
  • 450,000 BC: After colonizing Nibiru, the Anunnaki colonize Earth in search for exotic minerals. (Ufology)
  • Circa 400,000 BC: A Vinean ship arrives on Southern Europe and colonists build subterranean settlements for themselves. Most remain in suspended animation, however. (Yoko Tsuno)
  • 250,000 BC: A meteorite falls in Alaska containing Parasitic Ice Worms which would remain dormant until being accidentally released in 1993. (The X-Files)
  • 200,000 BC: The Creature (Titan Find) is placed inside a chamber on Saturn's moon, Titan, and remained sleeping until being woken up by 1985 (Titan Find)
  • 110,000 BC: The Human-Forerunner war. Ending in the defeat of the ancient humans and the Forerunners taking the Mantle of responsibility. (Halo)
  • 100,300 BC: The Forerunner - Flood war begins. (Halo)
  • 100,000 BC:
    • The Dæmons come to Earth and help Homo sapiens subjugate the Neanderthals. (Doctor Who)
    • The Forerunners fire the Halo arrays destroying all life in the Galaxy and ending the Forerunner - Flood War. All the species in the Galaxy were preserved on the Ark including Humans which are put back on Earth and are back to a very primitive state. (Halo)
  • The intergalactic emperor Xenu decides to freeze the inhabitants of the 76 planets owned by the Galactic Confederacy as a solution to the planet's overpopulation problem and to prevent being overthrown. He then travels to Earth with the frozen aliens to drop them in a Hawaiian volcano and detonated it with various nuclear bombs. The Thetans from the deceased aliens were then captured by Xenu, brainwashed, and left on Earth where they would later merge with early humans. (Scientology)
  • 59,000 BC: The height of the Gubbage Cone empire, encompassing numerous other species including the Ogrons and the Ice Warriors. (Doctor Who)
  • 35,000 BC: Two cavemen in North Texas, Earth are attacked by a long-clawed alien. One of the men is killed while the other becomes infected with the Purity. (The X-Files)
  • Circa 30,000 BC: The Eidelons abduct a group of Humans and accelerate their evolution to give rise to the Sebacean species. (Farscape)
  • Circa 20,000 BC:
    • Two Krynoid pods fall on Antarctica. (Doctor Who)
    • Eternatus arrives to planet Earth in a meteor. (Pokémon)
  • Circa 16,000 BC: The Trigannon Sancreda is stranded on Earth, in the region that would become Cornwall. (Doctor Who)
  • 15,000 BC: Estimated time in which prehistoric civilizations on Egypt were visited by the Martian Thoths. Thousands of years later, the ancient Egyptians would derive their image of the eponymous god from these memories. (Valley of Dreams).
  • The Great Gazoo is exiled to Earth and befriends local cavemen. (The Flintstones)

10th millennium BC

  • Circa 10,000 BC: A meteorite falls to Earth, containing genetic material that would later be used in the creation of an alien predator. (Alien Lockdown)

9th millennium BC

  • Circa 8015 BC: The Antareans have an outpost on Earth known as Atlantis, which ends up collapsing due to a cataclysm. Twenty Antareans are left behind and cocoon themselves to wait until their eventual rescue. (Cocoon)

8th millennium BC

  • Circa 7800 BC: The Ralgans evolve to the point of transitioning from a corporeal to a non-corporeal existence. Sadly, the Soul Hunters misinterpret this as the Ralgans dying en masse and attempt to collect their "souls", inadvertently trapping all Ralgans in one of their soul globes. (Babylon 5)
  • Circa 7150 BC: Approximate time of the gradual downfall of the Sororian civilization, to be eventually replaced by the Sororian Ape civilization. (Planet of the Apes)

6th millennium BC

  • 5500 BC: The estimated time when the Gem War between the Crystal Gems of planet Earth, and the Diamond Authority of Homeworld begins. (Steven Universe)

5th millennium BC

  • Circa 4800 BC: Estimated time of the creation of the first jumpgates, by an unknown alien race. Also the dawn of the Hyach civilization on Shir-shraba. (Babylon 5)
  • 4500 BC: Estimated time of the ending of the Gem War, when Homeworld is commanded to leave Earth, mainly for the Diamond Authority to use their combined energy to corrupt all Gems remaining on Earth. (Steven Universe)

4th millennium BC

  • 3800 BC: Dawn of the Abbai civilization on Abba IV. (Babylon 5)

3rd millennium BC

  • Circa 3000 BC:
    • The first neutronium-based life forms evolve on the surface of the neutron star named Dragon's Egg. Over two thousand years later, they would give rise to the intelligent Cheela. (Dragon's Egg)
    • The alien Ankh-Venharis makes contact with the ancient Egyptian civilization on Earth. (Time Walker)
    • "The Darkest Day" occurs in the Galar Region, causing giant Pokémon to appear and nearly destroy the entire region. Eternatus is destroyed by Zacian and Zamazenta. (Pokémon)
  • Circa 2800 BC: Dawn of the Yolu civilization on Pa'ri. (Babylon 5)
  • 2200 BC: The San'Shyuum civil war begins. (Halo)
  • 2100 BC: The San'Shyuum civil war ends. (Halo)
  • The Mondoshawan arrive on Earth in ancient Egypt to hide the four Elemental Stones and the Fifth Element for them to be guarded by a lineage of priests. (The Fifth Element)

2nd millennium BC

  • Circa 1300 BC: Dawn of the Markab civilization on Septis. (Babylon 5)

1st millennium BC

  • 938 BC: Beginning of the Sangheili - San'Shyuum war. (Halo)
  • 852 BC: The Sangheili - San'Shyuum war ends resulting in the two species forming the Covenant. (Halo)
  • Circa 800 BC: Dawn of the Drazi civilization on Zhabar. Meanwhile, the Yolu of Pa'ri achieve interstellar spaceflight for the first time. (Babylon 5)
  • 784 BC: The Taming of the Lekgolo occurs where the Lekgolo are incorporated into The Covenant. (Halo)
  • Circa 200 BC: An alien armada attempts to invade Earth in Peru, but is deterred by the ancient Peruvians who create the mystic Nazca Lines to trap the invaders underground. (Martin Mystery)
  • Circa 50 BC: War between the Tadsylwiens and the Nagma. (Asterix and the Falling Sky)

1st century

  • AD 33: In Jerusalem, Earth, Brian Cohen falls from a tower but is inadvertently saved by the passing of a starship piloted by aliens. (Monty Python's Life of Brian)
  • AD 79: The eruption of Mt. Vesuvius destroys Pompeii along with the alien Pyroviles. (Doctor Who)

3rd century

  • Before 231 (Ben 10)
    • A meteor crashes on Galvan Prime, causing the Omnivoracious to become extinct.
    • Azmuth is born.
    • Azmuth begins the creation of Ascalon.
  • 231: Sir George is Born (Ben 10)
  • Circa 243: The entity called Fenric is imprisoned in the Shadow Dimensions, where it will remain trapped for seventeen centuries. (Doctor Who)
  • Circa 261: Dawn of the Brakiri civilization on Brakir, the Grome civilization on Gromahk, and the pak'ma'ra civilization on Pak'ma. (Babylon 5)

4th century

  • Following a period of great war, the Vulcan scholar Surak leads his people into a new age of embracing peace and logic as their core philosophies. Renegades leave the planet and eventually settle on Romulus, giving rise to a new species. Meanwhile, in other parts of the galaxy, the Gamma Quadrant sees the formation of the Dominion while the Delta Quadrant's Vidiians become infected with the phage which would continue to afflict them for the next two millennia. (Star Trek)

8th century

  • 761: The dawn of the Llort civilization on Vartas. (Babylon 5)

12th century

  • 1112: The Yanme'e join the Covenant. (Halo)
  • 1131: Sir George obtains Ascalon from Azmuth. (Ben 10)
  • After 1131: Sir George founds the Forever Knights.

13th century

  • The Minbari and the Centauri both achieve interstellar spaceflight in this century. The Centauri completely exterminate the Xon. The Minbari fight on the Vorlons' side during the First Shadow War. (Babylon 5)
  • 1261: Dawn of the Hurr civilization on Androma. Meanwhile in other parts of the galaxy, the First Shadow War comes to end, and the Hyach of Shir-shraba achieve interstellar spaceflight. (Babylon 5)

14th century

  • The Klingons' homeworld of Qo'noS is invaded by the Hur'q, which loot the planet and steal several artifacts, notably the Sword of Kahless. (Star Trek)
  • 1342: The Kig-Yar join the Covenant. (Halo)
  • 1345: The Wersgorix Empire attempts to conquer Earth but is defeated and ultimately subdued thanks to the efforts of Sir Roger, Baron de Tourneville and his allies, including several species which had been previously conquered by the Wersgorix. (The High Crusade)
  • Circa 1400: The Drazi achieve interstellar spaceflight. (Babylon 5)

15th century

  • 1442: The Hyach completely exterminate the Hyach-do. (Babylon 5)
  • Circa 1460: The Abbai achieve interstellar spaceflight. (Babylon 5)

16th century

  • Circa 1571: Bajoran explorers build lightships powered by solar sails and make first contact with the ancient Cardassians. (Star Trek)

17th century

  • 1630: The Doctor visits the Det-Sen Monastery in Tibet and becomes acquainted with the local High Lama, Padmasambhava, who would later be possessed by the Great Intelligence. (Doctor Who)

18th century

  • 1757: Future Melmacian ambassador Gordon Shumway is born on Melmac. (ALF)
  • 1759: The Markab achieve interstellar spaceflight. (Babylon 5)
  • 1767: The species known as Lorkans settle on the planet named Lorka VII. (Babylon 5)

19th century

  • 1866: Human soldier John Carter is mysteriously transported to Mars, a.k.a. Barsoom, where he becomes a revered military leader and lives there for the next decade before being transported back to Earth in 1876, in equally inexplicable circumstances. (A Princess of Mars)
  • Circa 1868: Dominar Rygel XVI of the Hynerian Empire has the throne usurped by his cousin Bishan and ends up as a prisoner of the Peacekeepers. (Farscape)
  • 1882: The Color Out of Space falls to Earth in a meteorite in Arkham, Massachusetts. (The Color Out of Space)
  • 1886: John Carter seemingly dies on Earth, but is actually transported back to Barsoom. (A Princess of Mars)
  • 1889: Time-traveler Magnus Greel operates in London, masquerading as the Chinese god Weng-Chiang and killing several young women to extract their life energy in an attempt to heal himself. (Doctor Who)
  • 1892: An American city is invaded by aliens intending to mine for uranium. (High Plains Invaders)
  • 1893: A group of time-traveling Devidians travel to Earth and feed upon Humans by draining them of their neural energy. The Devidians create a portal between 19th century Earth and 24th century Devidia II in a cave just outside San Francisco. (Star Trek)
  • 1899: Earth is invaded by the Martians, which harvest Human blood for consumption. The invaders are later exterminated by pathogenic bacteria. (The War of the Worlds)
  • 1900: Human adventurer Lord Redgrave explores the solar system with his wife Lilla and assistant Mr. Murgatroyd in their experimental private space vessel, the Astronef. (A Honeymoon in Space)

20th century

  • 1901: Earth inventor Cavor and associate Bedford successfully travel to the moon where they discover the Selenites. (The First Men in the Moon)
    • According to one version of these events, it's possible that the Selenites were destroyed and the moon rendered airless as a result of Cavor's sacrifice to prevent a Selenite invasion of Earth. (The First Men in the Moon, 2010 film)
  • 1906: Prof. Saxton's expedition to Manchuria retrieves the frozen mummified body of an anthropoid, which is actually the host of a mysterious alien entity. (Horror Express)
  • 1908: French engineer Robert Darvel travels to and becomes lost on Mars, where he helps the natives to revolt against their Erloor masters. (Le Prisonnier de la planète Mars)
  • 1914: The Mondoshawan come to Egypt to retrieve the Fifth Element, promising to return in 300 years. (The Fifth Element)
  • 1922: The Challenger expedition makes contact with Prin explorers whose spaceship has crashed in the plateau. (The Lost World, TV series)
  • 1925: A series of sea tremors cause parts of the sunken city of R'lyeh to emerge. Gustaf Johansen and his men have a brief yet unfortunate encounter with Cthulhu. (The Call of Cthulhu)
  • Circa 1930: The Vree achieve interstellar spaceflight. (Babylon 5)
  • 1935: The death of centuries-old Human High Lama Padmasambhava, having been freed from the influence of the Great Intelligence. (Doctor Who)
  • 1939 to 1945: World War II takes place on Earth and is recorded by atmospheric probes of the alien Qarashteel, who find the conflict exciting to watch. (The Draco Tavern)
  • 1947: A spaceship crashes in Roswell, USA. The identity of the alien(s) aboard differs according to several accounts.
    • One account suggests that they were Colonists. (The X-Files)
    • One account suggests that they were Ferengi. (Star Trek)
    • One account suggests that they were Harvesters. (Independence Day)
    • One account suggests that they were Nedenah. (Doctor Who)
    • One account suggests that they were Interdimensional Beings. (Indiana Jones)
    • One account suggests that it was a Decapodian. (Futurama)
  • 1951: Planet X approaches Earth and an alien agent is sent to prepare the ground for an invasion, which is fortunately prevented. (The Man from Planet X)
  • 1953: The government of Syldavia sends a successful expedition to explore the moon. (The Adventures of Tintin)
  • 1956: The giant asteroid nicknamed "Planet R" comes very close to destroying Earth, but the planet is saved by the intervention of the benevolent alien Pairans, who warn Humans of the danger and help Dr. Eisuke Matsuda develop a Urium bomb powerful enough to obliterate the threat. (Warning from Space)
  • 1959: A group of time-traveling Navarino tourists disguised as Humans accidentally land on Wales instead of Disneyland as intended. Among them is also Delta, the last Chimeron queen, fleeing from the hostile Bannermen and trying to protect her egg. On Earth, the egg hatches and the Chimeron princess grows up and manages to use her sonokinetic abilities to defeat the Bannermen. (Doctor Who)
  • 1961: A group of Baltians arrive on Earth and are greeted by agents of at-the-time poorly-funded and discredited government agency known as the Men in Black. Earth is established as a politically-neutral territory and the MiB is tasked with helping alien refugees from numerous species to live clandestinely on Earth and prevent Human citizens from finding out about it. (Men in Black)
  • 1964:
    • An intelligent Black Cloud arrives in the Sol System and makes contact with a group of Humans. (The Black Cloud)
    • The great Martian scientist Knut goes missing on Earth and is forced to live incognito among Humans for the next 30 years. (My Favorite Martian, 1999)
  • 1966: Hundreds of Humans are abducted by the alien Chameleons, who intend to use them as genetic donors to cure the Chameleons' own degenerative condition. (Doctor Who)
  • 1967: Following a devastating global war, Earth receives the first broadcast messages from Barsoom. (The Moon Maid)
  • 1969: Astronaut Neil Armstrong becomes the first man on the moon.
  • 1970s: Generally believed to be the time during which the Doctor was in exile on Earth and operated as UNIT's scientific adviser. However, there is some conflicting evidence that these events might have taken place in the 1980s instead. (Doctor Who)
  • 1973: A mission to Mars to rescue a lost explorer inadvertently blasts off back to Earth with a hostile Martian creature aboard. (It! The Terror from Beyond Space)
  • 1974: The ill-fated Apollo 18 moon mission encounters the "rock aliens". (Apollo 18)
  • 1975: The Mercury Men try to use a gravity generator to pull the moon into the Earth. (The Mercury Men)
  • 1977: Human astronaut Marcus Aurelius Belt is possessed by a mysterious space entity. (The X-Files)
  • 1978:  July 4th, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 12 year old David Scott Freeman goes though the woods to pick up his 8 year old younger brother. (Flight of the Navigator)
  • 1979: Admiral Carfax leads the first successful expedition to explore Venus. ("The Immeasurable Horror")
  • 1980: The starship Selenite crashes on the asteroid Phocea. Human astronaut Edmond Beverly remains trapped inside the vessel and is worshiped as a god by two generations of the short-lived native Phoceans. ("Master of the Asteroid")
  • 1981:
    • The Traken Union is destroyed in an entropy wave, along with the entire galaxy where it was located and several others. The Trakenite species is almost extinct, with the only known survivor being Princess Nyssa. (Doctor Who)
    • Crewmembers of the Seaview are abducted by Centaurs and taken to their outpost on Venus. (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea)
  • 1985: Planet Melmac is destroyed. Approximately one year later, Melmacian survivor Gordon Shumway crash-lands on Earth and lives clandestinely among Humans. (ALF)
  • 1986:
    • Earth's twin planet Mondas starts draining energy from Earth. A research base in Antarctica is invaded by the Mondasian Cybermen, but eventually, the energy draining results in the destruction of Mondas. (Doctor Who)
    • David Scott Freeman wakes up to discover 8 year have passed. (Flight of the Navigator)
  • 1990: Gordon Shumway is captured by the Alien Task Force and kept in captivity for a few years, but is eventually freed and becomes an ambassador to Earth. (ALF)
  • 1994: Ben Tennyson and his cousin, Gwen, are presumably born December 27th, 1994. (Ben 10)
  • 1995: The alien creature known as SpaceGodzilla, created as a result of some of Godzilla's cells being exposed to radiation from a black hole, heads towards Earth and battles its parent monster. (Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla)
  • 1996:
    • The first Human-Harvester war takes place, resulting in the destruction of most major cities on Earth and the entire Harvester fleet. (Independence Day)
    • Beginning of the war between the Ilanics and the Scorvians. (Farscape)
  • 1997: The launch of the Earth spaceship Jupiter 2, crewed by the Robinson family plus Major Don West, clandestine saboteur Dr. Zachary Smith and a B9 class robot. Due to the sabotage performed by Dr. Smith, the ship is accidentally tossed out of its intended course to Alpha Centauri and the crew becomes irremediably lost in space, wandering from planet to planet over the next years and meeting several civilizations. (Lost in Space)
  • 1999:
    • The Martians return to earth in their next wave 100 years after the initial invasion. Other accounts put this event as early as 1901 or as late as 2008. (War of the Worlds)
      • The Martians build a wormhole between Earth and Mars.
      • Humans discover radio interference from Mars.
      • A squadron of from Earth makes an initial raid on Mars.
      • The Martians retaliate by attacking London and Paris.
      • The Martian Mothership taken down by injecting pathogenic bacteria into the ship's control brain, disabling the tripods.
      • Humans discover more radio interference, suspecting a third wave on invasion.
    • According to some accounts, this is when the first Human expeditions land on Mars and make contact with a native telepathic race, which is eventually decimated by chickenpox. Other accounts place these events in 2030 instead. (The Martian Chronicles)
    • The Kilaaks invade Earth and assume control of the daikaiju of Monsterland, using them to attack humanity. (Destroy All Monsters)
    • Due to an accident involving nuclear waste, the Earth's moon is hurled out of orbit and into deep space, bringing with it the Human research base Moonbase Alpha and its crew. (Space: 1999)
    • The Great Gonzo successfully contacts his people. The aliens choose K. Edgar Singer as their ambassador. (Muppets from Space)
    • Astronaut John Crichton accidentally goes through a wormhole to the other side of the galaxy and makes contact with a number of alien species. (Farscape)
  • 2000:
    • Lt. Marlena Glenn's spacecraft goes off course. She later crash lands on Eternia. (He-Man)
    • Cryogenic capsules are used in early deep space flights. (Blake's 7)

21st century

  • 2001: A crew of 5 astronauts are sent on board the Discovery One to Jupiter, which, unknown to them, houses an alien artefact known as the Monolith, which speeds up the evolutionary process. The ship's AI, HAL 9000, kills all but one of the crew. The survivor, Dave Bowman, ends up ascending to a higher form of existence thanks to the influence of the Monolith. (2001: A Space Odyssey)
  • 2002: A Daggra in a small spacecraft spacecraft lands on Earth and dies in the possession of the ruthless triad leader Mizoguchi, this event is prevented by the aid of a time traveler from the year 2084. (The Returner)
  • 2003:
    • A Resonance Cascade is triggered at the Black Mesa Research Facility, resulting in a number of extradimensional organisms from the borderworld Xen to crossover into Earth.(Half-Life)
    • After making a deal with Gordon Freeman, the G-Man puts him into stasis for future intensions. (Half-Life)
  • 2004:
    • Captain Archer and T'pol travel back to Detroit to stop Loomis assisting the Xindi. (Star Trek)
    • The Peacekeeper/Scarran War takes place. (Farscape)
  • 2005: Ben 10 discovers the Omnitrix (Ben 10)
  • 2008:
    • Clover emerges from the Atlantic Ocean on Earth and wreaks havoc in New York City. (Cloverfield Universe)
    • The Spirits open the passage between Earth and Fostral. (Vangers)
    • In one possible (but unlikely) timeline, the Earth is devastated by the Death Wraiths in this year. (Doctor Who)
  • 2009: Dome Day: A race of extra-dimensional beings known as the Leatherheads creates a massive dome over the small and quiet town of Chester's Mill, Maine for their own morbid curiosity. In one week, the Dome vanishes after a human persuades them to set them free. (Under the Dome)
  • 2012: The Chitauri invade New York through a portal. They were defeated when Iron man flew a nuke into their mothership. (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  • 2013:
    • The Precursors invade the Universe from their universe (the Anteverse) through a breach in the pacific ocean and send Kaiju to attack Earth. (Pacific Rim)
    • Malekith and his army of Dark Elves invade Asgard and kill Frigga. Malekith then tries to use the Reality Stone to plunge the Universe into darkness but was killed by Thor before he could. (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
    • 2014: A rogue Kree warlord called Ronan invades Xandar with the Power Stone but is defeated by the Guardians of the Galaxy. (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  • 2015: A mysterious alien race known as Mimics invade Earth. (Edge of Tomorrow)
  • 2016:
    • The second Human-Harvester War. (Independence Day)
    • An inter-dimensional being called Dormammu invades our universe from the Dark Dimension and tries to consume Earth but is defeated by Doctor Strange using the Time Stone. (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
    • A race of bio-mechanical aliens in massive living ships invade Earth. (Cloverfield Universe)
  • 2017:
    • Peter Quill (a.k.a. Star Lord) encounters his biological father Ego the Living Planet who planned to use Peter's celestial DNA with his powers to start "The Expansion", where he terraforms various planets he has visited in his lifetime. Ego was killed by Peter and the Guardians of the Galaxy before he could succeed. (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
    • Yondu Udonta sacrefices himself to save Peter's life. (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
    • Death of Odin Borson, former King of Asgard. (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
    • Hela the Goddess of death takes over Asgard and Loki starts Ragnarok, resurrecting Surtur and destroying Asgard and Hela. (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
    • Thor Odinson becomes the new King of Asgard. (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
    • The Monks invade Earth and alter the memories of humanity to make it seem as if they've guided humanity's civilization from the very beginning as a means to put Earth under a totalitarian form of control. It was until the Doctor and his companions Bill Potts and Nardole restored the memories of the human populace did the Monks leave to avoid violent protest from humanity. (Doctor Who)
  • 2018:
    • The Dax Symbiont is born on the planet Trill. (Star Trek)
    • Thanos destroys Knowhere, Xandar and Thor's ship, kills her adopted daughter Gamora and Loki and obtains all six Infinity Stones to complete his Infinity Gauntlet and wipes out half of all life in the universe with a snap of his fingers. (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  • 2020-29:
    • The Seven Hour War: The Combine invade Earth through Xen and subjugate the human populace in a matter of seven hours. Resulting in them gaining complete control of the planet while various other Xen creatures begin to thrive in areas not under Combine control. (Half-Life)
    • The G-Man awakens Gordon Freeman from stasis on Earth while it is under Combine control. (Half-Life)
  • 2024: The Kaiju are defeated and the breach between the two universes in sealed by an atomic bomb. (Pacific Rim)
  • 2026:
    • The Earth vessel Barsoom lands on Luna and discovers the U-ga, Va-ga and Kalkar civilizations there. (The Moon Maid)
    • The Earth is in the middle of an energy crisis and plans on using the newly built particle accelerator to provide limitless energy. However, the machine is too dangerous to operate on Earth without possibly causing total destruction on the planet, so they put the particle accelerator on the Shepard Cloverfield space station and have it be activated in Earth's orbit. (Cloverfield Universe)
  • 2028: The Shepard Cloverfield station accidentally transports into a parallel universe after an accident involving the activation of the particle accelerator on board. (Cloverfield Universe)
  • 2030: According to some accounts, this is when the first Human expeditions land on Mars and make contact with a native telepathic race, which is eventually decimated by chickenpox. Other accounts place these events in 1999 instead. (The Martian Chronicles)
  • 2047 Wanderer K-47 is launched from earth (Blakes 7) presumed
  • 2050: A Human expedition to the neutron star known as Dragon's Egg makes contact with the native Cheela. (Dragon's Egg)
  • 2059: On mars, Bowie Base One is exploded by a nuclear warhead, though he Doctor saves three of the team there. (Doctor Who)
  • 2060: Young's expedition to Uranus takes place. ("The Planet of Doubt")
  • 2063: Human inventor Zefram Cochrane invents the warp drive, resulting in the official first contact between Humans and Vulcans. (Star Trek)
  • 2076: A group of Dokarians invade and attempt to conquer an undersea city on Earth. (Jabberjaw)
  • 2080 to 2084: Earth undergoes World War III, leading to the formation of a new government, the Earth Alliance. (Babylon 5)
  • 2084: After 82 years of war, humanity finally falls to the Daggra. A portal to the beginning of the war is activated to save the human race. (The Returner)
  • 2090s: Successful Human colonization of the moon. (Forbidden Planet)
  • 2100:
    • The United Galactic Organization consists of an alliance between Humans, Martians and Venusians. In that year, the first extrasolar species is discovered by the UGO. (Space Patrol)
    • The Gaea expedition to Uranus discovers the first native life forms on the planet. ("The Planet of Doubt")

22nd century

  • Some Humans leave the Earth to colonize other planets. Billions of years later, some of their descendants would give rise to a completely different species. (Man After Man)
  • 2109: First contact between the Narn and the Centauri, and the beginning of the First Centauri Occupation of Narn, which would last for over a hundred years and not end until 2231. (Babylon 5)
  • 2111: The Brakiri achieve interstellar spaceflight. (Babylon 5)
  • 2122: The crew of the USCSS Nostromo lands on the satellite LV-426 and encounters Xenomorphs. (Alien)
  • 2123: The Earth colony ship SS Mariposa is launched. Colonists would eventually settle on two planets, Bringloid V and Mariposa. However, both colonies lost contact with Earth and remained isolated until 2365. (Star Trek)
  • 2150: First contact between Humans and Kortan Dahük aboard the space station Alpha. (Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets)
  • 2150s: The Daleks invade Earth and occupy the planet for about a decade until being defeated by the Doctor and his companions. The exact date in which the invaders arrive varies according to different accounts, being either 2150 (Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.) or 2157 (Doctor Who).
  • 2151: The launch of the Earth Starfleet's first warp-five-capable ship, the Enterprise NX-01, under the command of Captain Archer. In that year, the ship would go on to make first contact with numerous species, such as the Suliban, Axanar, Xyrillians and Wraiths. (Star Trek)
  • 2153: Over 7 million people are killed when the Earth is attacked by an experimental weaponized Xindi probe. (Star Trek)
  • 2156:
    • The Earth-Romulan war takes place between this year and 2160. (Star Trek)
    • Humans achieve interstellar spaceflight. (Babylon 5)
  • 2161:
    • The formation of the United Federation of Planets, funded by an alliance between Humans, Vulcans, Tellarites and Andorians. (Star Trek)
    • The Llort achieve interstellar spaceflight. (Babylon 5)
  • 2168: The Federation starship Horizon lands on Sigma Iota II and makes first contact with the native Iotians, inadvertently leaving behind a book called Chicago Mobs of the Twenties, which would go on to become the central point of their culture during the next century. (Star Trek)
  • 2179: The colony Hadley's Hope on LV-426 is overtaken by Xenomorphs. A unit of Colonial Marines was sent to fight the infestation and the surviving members ended up nuking the colony. (Aliens)
  • 2186: The Hurr and the pak'ma'ra both achieve interstellar spaceflight. (Babylon 5)
  • 2191: The Grome achieve interstellar spaceflight. (Babylon 5)
  • 2197: The Venusians start to xenoform the Earth from distance. ("The Metamorphosis of Earth")

23rd century

  • First contact between Humans and Yma. (Expedition)
  • Having already colonized other worlds of the Sol System, humanity discovers the Hyper Drive, allowing it to explore deep space. The spaceship Bellerophon crashes on Altair IV. Survivors Dr. Edward Morbius and his daughter Altaira remain stranded on the planet where Morbius starts to study the technology of the long-extinct Krell race. (Forbidden Planet)
  • In the 2200s, the Decapodians arrive on Earth, resulting in the extinction of anchovies. (Futurama)
  • 2214: Evil heads toward Earth to destroy it, but is defeated by the combination of the four elemental stones and the Fifth Element. A new moon is formed orbiting Earth. (The Fifth Element)
  • 2230:
    • Future ambassador Spock is born on the planet Vulcan. (Star Trek)
    • The beginning of the Dilgar War, which would last for two years and result in the destruction of entire planets and extinction of entire species, including the Dilgar themselves. (Babylon 5)
  • 2231: Following the event known as "the last Rainforest War", Humans and Yma sign the Yma/Human Accord of 2231, which allows the Yma full control of Earth's ecological management. (Expedition)
  • 2236: The Federation ship SS Columba crash-lands on Talos IV. Sole survivor Vina is found and kept in captivity by the native Talosians. (Star Trek)
  • 2245 to 2248: The Earth-Minbari War takes place with over 250,000 casualties. (Babylon 5)
  • 2250: The Argolins' homeworld of Argolis is completely devastated and the species rendered almost extinct by a huge nuclear attack by the Foamasi, putting an end to the brief Argolin-Foamasi War. (Doctor Who)
  • 2258: Varn's species becomes extinct. (Babylon 5)
  • 2259: The Narn-Centauri War takes place, leading to the Second Centauri Occupation of Narn. Meanwhile, the Markabs are exterminated by the Drafa Plague. (Babylon 5)
  • 2261: The Second Shadow War ends and the First Ones leave the galaxy. Also on that year, our realm is briefly invaded by the Thirdspace Aliens. (Babylon 5)
  • 2262: Human telepath Lyta Alexander successfully disrupts the Hive Mind Bacteria's control over its planet. (Babylon 5)
  • 2265 to 2270: The Federation starship USS Enterprise goes on a five-year mission of exploration under the command of Captain James T. Kirk. The last of the Salt Vampires is killed. First contact is made with alien species such as the Gorn Hegemony and the silicon-based Horta. (Star Trek)
  • 2287: Vulcan renegade and Spock's half-brother Sybok hijacks the USS Enterprise-A and manages to travel beyond the Great Barrier to the galactic core where he lands on the planet he identifies as the mythical Sha Ka Ree. (Star Trek)
  • 2293: Signing of the Khitomer Accords, establishing peace between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. (Star Trek)

24th century

  • 2319 to 2369: The Cardassians occupy Bajor. (Star Trek)
  • "24½th century": After staying frozen for about 350 years, Earth hero Duck Dodgers returns to life and becomes a captain of the Galactic Protectorate. A number of conflicts take place involving the imperial Martians. (Duck Dodgers)
  • 2358 to 2366: The first bi-species expedition undertook by Humans and Yma to explore the newly-discovered planet Darwin IV. (Expedition)
  • 2373 to 2375: The Dominion War takes place between the Gamma Quadrant's Dominion (i.e. Changelings and their servant races such as Vortas and Jem'Hadar) allied with the Cardassians and Breen against an alliance of Alpha Quadrant powers led by the United Federation of Planets, the Romulan Star Empire and the Klingon Empire. The war results in the loss of millions of lives, the obliteration of Cardassia Prime and the sealing of the wormhole that linked the Alpha and Gamma quadrants. (Star Trek)
  • 2385: As the Romulan sun is about to explode, Jean-Luc Picard convinces the Federation to commence work on an evacuation fleet, to be built on Starfleet's Utopia Planitia installations on Mars. Following a devastating attack by synthetic androids, the project is discontinued and the Federation refuses to assist the Romulans, leading Picard to resign from Starfleet. (Star Trek)

25th century

  • 2493: Earth starship UK-201, headed for the planet Astra, crash-lands on Dido instead. Murderous passenger Bennett kills the other survivors, except for Vicki Pallister, and puts the blame on the natives. (Doctor Who)
  • 2500: Prof. Antelle's expedition leaves Earth, headed for the Betelgeuse System. (Planet of the Apes)

26th century

  • 2525: The Human-Covenant war begins. (Halo)
  • 2540: The Daleks, allied with the rogue Time Lord known as the Master, attempt to instigate a second war between Earth and Draconia. (Doctor Who)
  • 2552:
    • The Fall of Reach: The Human planet 'Reach' is glassed by the Covenant during the Human-Covenant war. One of the biggest loses to the UNSC and humanity in the war. (Halo)
    • The Masterchief detonates the Pillar of Autumn's fusion reactor destroying Installation 04 (one of the Halo Rings). (Halo)
    • The Battle of Installation 05: A major battle between the UNSC, The Covenant and The Flood. The Prophet of Regret is assassinated by the Masterchief and the Arbiter kills Tartarus preventing him from activating the Halo Array. (Halo)
    • The Battle of Earth: One of the largest and most important battles fought between the Covenant and Humanity. The battle ended when the Prophet of Truth went through the portal to the 'Ark'. In order to stop the Flood from infecting all of Earth the UNSC allowed the Separatists to glass East Africa. (Halo)
  • 2553: The Human Covenant ends with the defeat of the Covenant and The Flood and victory for the UNSC and Covenant separatists. (Halo)

27th century

  • At this point in their history, the Galyari are nomads and travel within the multi-species complex of space vessels known as "the Clutch". (Doctor Who)

29th century

  • 2850: The Antelle expedition arrives on the planet Soror and makes contact with the intelligent Sororian Apes, who mistake the explorers for unintelligent Sororians. (Planet of the Apes)

30th century

  • Estimated time in which the Human space station Nerva Beacon is built. Also, this century marks the fall of the Earth Empire. (Doctor Who)
  • 2986: The Vervoid species is destroyed by the Doctor in order to save the passengers of the Hyperion III. He would later face trial for this genocide. (Doctor Who)
  • 3000: Humanity begins to colonize the Endless Galaxy. (Endless Space)

Distant future

  • 3028: Earth is destroyed by the Drej. (Titan A.E.)
  • 3200: Ulysse Mérou returns to Earth, only to find that it too has been taken over by Evolved Apes. (Planet of the Apes)
  • 4000: The Daleks use the planet Kembel as a base of operations in their plan to conquer the solar system. Ultimately, the whole planet falls victim to the device known as the Time Destructor. (Doctor Who)
  • 5000: The Earth is undergoing another ice age. The Supreme Alliance of Eastern States is subdued by the Filipino Army at the Battle of Reykjavik. Minister of Justice Magnus Greel, a.k.a. "the Butcher of Brisbane", is hunted as a war criminal and escapes back in time to the 19th century in an ill-fated time-travel experiment that leaves him disfigured. (Doctor Who)
  • 5976: A young scientist named Caroline Martin is sentenced to exile in space for refusing to share the results of her research with the government, who planned to weaponize it. Unbeknownst to all, she manages to put herself in suspended animation and remains in that state for the next 972 years. (Cosmic Engineers)
  • 6087: Solar flares render the Earth uninhabitable for Humans. The Nerva Beacon space station is used as an "ark" to house millions of Humans in suspended animation for the next ten thousand years, during which time the Earth remains empty. (Doctor Who)
  • 6948: A second universe approaches our own in a collision course, which will destroy both if not averted. The Engineers contact the minds of several races and summon scientists to try to come up with a solution. One is eventually found by Caroline Martin of Earth, who had recently been awakened from her suspended animation. (Cosmic Engineers)
  • Circa 16,087: The Nerva Beacon population wakes up and recolonizes Earth. (Doctor Who)
  • 802,701: At this point the Earth is inhabited by two species descendant from Humans: the childlike Eloi and the subterranean Morlocks. (The Time Machine)
  • Circa 1,000,000: The last remnants of the weak, radiation-dependent Daleks are destroyed on Skaro, allowing the Thals to inherit the planet again. (Doctor Who)
  • 5,000,000: A race of highly modified nomadic descendants of mankind invade Earth and xenoform it to suit their new physiological needs. Years later, they leave, having devastated the planet's ecology and being ready to depart to a new world again. The deep sea Aquatics are now the only intelligence left on Earth. (Man After Man)
  • Billions of years in the future, the Galactic Empire leaves the galaxy. The Earth is almost deserted, with only two inhabited cities left: the underground Diaspar and the pastoral Lys. The Giant Polyp and its companion robot still wait for the return of the Old Ones. (The City and the Stars)
  • 5,000,000,000 (5.5/Apple/26): The sun expands in the Sol System and the Earth is destroyed, the destruction and commemoration of the planet is held at a space station called "Platform One" where various species and famous aliens as well as the Doctor celebrate the final days of Earth by hearing stories of the last Human, Cassandra O'Brien.Δ17, and observing the planet's destruction. However, Cassandra uses robotic spiders and androids disguised as a visiting group of aliens to sabotage the sun filters and force field of the station and hold it for ransom. Her plan fails after The Doctor exposes it and supposedly kills her due to lack of moisturization. (Doctor Who)
  • 100,000,000,000,000: The end of the Universe where the galaxies have faded away after the death of multiple stars, all species in the known Universe are either extinct or endangered and the majority of planets are dead and uninhabitable. The inhabitants of Malcassairo (including the last Humans) flew to the planet Utopia (a planet believed to be the last habitable planet in the universe) to escape extinction and dying at the hands of the Futurekind. However, the Master turns the people of Utopia (including the previous inhabitants of Malcassario) into the Toclafane and used them to invade Earth in the 21st Century. (Doctor Who)

Undated events

  • 0 BBY: "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away", the Rebel Alliance successfully destroys the Galactic Empire's Death Star. (Star Wars)
  • The pocket universe known as the Land of the Lost is believed to have been created by the ancient Altrusians. The presence of numerous prehistoric reptiles suggests this may have been in the Mesozoic, but nothing is known for certain. (Land of the Lost)
  • At some point in the past, the Rutans had successfully conquered the entire Milky Way, but over the next centuries their enemies, the Sontarans have taken the upper hand in the millennial Rutan-Sontaran War. The exact time span of this conflict is uncertain, but it's known for certain that the war was already happening in the 12th century, and would still be happening in the 20th century. (Doctor Who)
  • At some point in the future, the Tharil Empire, centered around the Gateway, occupies both regular space and E-Space. Humans are enslaved at first, but later manage to fight back and enslave the Tharils as a result, using the Tharils' temporal abilities to employ them as navigators. (Doctor Who)
  • In the "57th segment of time", Humans and Monoids leave the Earth in "the Ark", fearing the planet was about to be destroyed by the sun's expansion. They then undertake a 700 years voyage to settle on Refusis II, where they discover the non-corporeal Refusians. This is certainly a distant future, as the "1st segment of time" alone is stated to encompass everything from the Trojan War to the Dalek Wars. (Doctor Who)
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