Predator Concrete Jungle - pt10 - The Machine Men

Predator Concrete Jungle - pt10 - The Machine Men

Scarface battles the Machine Men

The Machine Men were a group of Russian Mercenaries - led by Victor the Chechen - who were cybernetically-enhanced by Borgia Industries' Prometheus Technology.

They were under private contract by Borgia Industries but most notably to Lucretia Borgia, whom Victor appeared to have a relationship with.

According to Lucretia, the group "viewed murder, torture and rape not as crimes, but as Olympic challenges".


Victor was originally a Russian Commando, but was badly injured during a failed mission and lost his arm as a result. His lost arm was later replaced with a mechanical appendage - although the process led to Victor gaining an unusual addiction to cybernetically enhancing himself. He later became a powerful cyborg - undergoing both mercenary and terrorist missions - and gathered together a small group of individuals who shared his addiction to cybernetic enhancement.

Together, the group became known as the Machine Men and were placed under private contract to Lucretia Borgia - the CEO of Borgia Industries in the American city of Neonopolis. The men were further enhanced using Borgia Industries' Prometheus Technology - which was reverse-engineered from Yautja Technology that had been left behind on Earth 100 years ago. The weapons given to them (based on Predator Plasmacaster weapons) allowed them to utilize energy-based attacks - both for short range physical attacks as well as firing a plasma burst for a longer range attack.

By 2030, the group had gained a reputation as been fearsome mercenaries, but who were deployed only when necessary. At some point, Victor and Lucretia appeared to have entered a relationship.

Battle with ScarfaceEdit

in 2030, the Predator known as Scarface - who was the one responsible for accidentally leaving behind his equipment that would later become the basis for the Prometheus Technology - returned to Neonopolis to take revenge on those who had copied the Predator's technology and thus regain his honor.

After killing off several of the Neonopolis gangs, Scarface targeted the Los Matadores gang and their leader Fidel "El Hongo" Perez. After Scarface decimated the Matadores' Prometheus gun trade business and then destroyed their prostitution business, El Hongo fled to New Way Field before contacting Lucretia Borgia and begging for her help - as his gang were fleeing the city in fear of El Demonio Invisible. Agreeing to help him despite not believing his 'ignorant ghost story', Lucretia dispatched Victor and the Machine Men to New Way Field - telling them to "Find out who's cutting into my business and cut them OUT - like a sick bowel...without anesthetic".

Scarface soon arrived at New Way Field after following El Hongo's trail, with the Machine Men also arriving. Battle soon commenced between them as the Russian mercenaries battled with the extraterrestrial hunter. Despite their enhancements, their weapons and their combat experience, Victor and his men were no match for Scarface - who killed each of the men before ripping Victor's head and spinal column from his body.

This bloody battle was watched in horror by El Hongo, who quickly reported to Lucretia that El Demonio Invisible had killed the group, much to her shock.

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