Disturbed - Land Of Confusion

Disturbed - Land Of Confusion

'The Guy' is the mascot of Chicago rock band, Disturbed. He has mainly been shown appearing on the CD covers in some shape or form, but he later appeared in an animated music video created for Disturbed's cover of "Land of Confusion" (originally by Genesis). The video itself was animated by Todd McFarlane - the creator of the Spawn comics.

In appearance, the Guy appears mostly human but with a completely black face, glowing red eyes and a large grin. His clothes consist of ripped jeans, black boots, a heavily torn hooded top, several brown belts and chained shackles on his wrists and neck.

He is an Anti-hero and revolutionary, who leads humanity in a rebellion against their tyrannical leaders and the military forces who have assaulted cities across the Earth.


'The Guy' first appears as he hurtles towards Earth - landing in a major city. However, he is quickly captured and imprisoned. Meanwhile, cities and civilians come under attack from military forces - using black vehicles with a flag similar to the one used by the Nazis, but with a dollar sign instead of a swastika - and black-clad soldiers similar to Adolf Hitler's Schutzstaffel (each bearing the flag of a different nation on their shoulder). At the same time, leaders of various nations of the world (bearing close physical resemblance to the then respective national leaders) are shown sitting at a table with the same dollar sign on it arguing with each other.

The Guy, fighting against the steel chains binding him, manages to break free and escapes onto the street in the midst of the carnage as the civilians flee for their lives. However, the Guy confronts the military forces - despite the fact he is vastly out-manned. Encouraged by his bravery to stand against the oppressors, the civilians come out in force to help him (using any weapons they can). A fight soon breaks out, with the soldiers been overwhelmed by the Guy and the civilian rebellion. Following this, the Guy leads the rebellion to the United Nations Headquarters (with the red and white flag been one of the flags alongside those of the other nations).

Breaking inside, the rebellious civilians interrupt a meeting and attack the U.N. representatives. The Guy, meanwhile, then heads into a back room to confront a gigantic and bloated Fat Cat - who is the real 'power behind the throne'. The Rebellion attacks the Fat Cat - managing to topple the giant and restrain him down as the Guy kicks away the Fat Cat's cigar and monocle. Charging up his energy, the Guy then flies upwards into space, before flying back down in an almighty attack. His attack destroys the Fat Cat - who explodes into an enormous shower of dollar bills. Following this, the cities are rebuilt while the Guy becomes a new leader for the people - who raise their fists into the air as a 'salute' to their extraterrestrial leader.


  • The Guy is capable of flight - both inside a planet's atmosphere and outside in the vacuum of space - been able to reach very high speeds.
  • As stated, the Guy could survive in the vacuum of space with no issues.
  • He was a very determined individual - striving to accomplish his goals even when the odds were greatly turned against him.
  • He was also very strong - been able to shatter the steel chains that bound him after he was captured, throw a man over his shoulder with ease and pull the doors in the UN Headquarters off their hinges with little effort.
  • One of his most notable traits was his durability, as he hit the Earth originally with the force of a meteor strike and got up uninjured from it. He also seemed to take no injuries when battling the soldiers.
  • Finally, the Guy appears to have some form of magic or energy-based power, which is shown in a blue glow from his hands.


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