The Great Gazoo is a small green humanoid alien who was exiled to Earth in prehistoric times and made friends with the local "cavemen", or primitive Humans. He was banished from his homeworld of Zatox as a punishment for creating a doomsday device, so powerful that it could possibly destroy the universe. Gazoo claims that he never intended using it, although he jokingly states that "I was the first one on my block to have one." Gazoo is only seen by his cavemen friends Fred and Barney, and their young children Pebbles and Bam-Bam. The other characters are apparently unable to see him because they don't believe in his existence. He also has the ability to do magic and float in mid-air.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Great Gazoo was a regular character in the last season of the show The Flintstones. He also made cameo appearances in the Flintstones second live-action movie Viva Rock Vegas, and in the Warner Brothers show Duck Dodgers. A similar character, Ozmodiar, appeared in a couple of episodes of The Simpsons.

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