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The Great Evil is a sapient living planetoid.


"The Great Evil" or as he refers to himself, "Mr. Shadow", is a moon-sized star-like entity, bent on the destruction of all life everywhere.

He possesses many abilities, which include the following:

  • Indestructibility (conventionally) - When Mr. Shadow is attacked by three large Earth warships that unleash multiple salvos of evidently nuclear capacity, his surface liquefied in anticipation of the attack and he absorbed the shots, which made him increase in size many times over until the ships no longer had the capacity to destroy him.
  • Telepathy - Mr. Shadow can affect a person's mind, either through someone looking at him (albeit through a viewing port on a ship) or talking to him on a phone. He can make them feel very uneasy, to the point where a blood vessel on the top of the person's head will burst.
  • Communication - Despite being a small world-like entity he can conventionally communicate; doing so by "consuming" satellites. Doing this enables Mr. Shadow to call Zorg (his human puppet on Earth) in his office.

He is also highly intelligent, having been described as "The most terrible intelligence imaginable". He is aware of the weapon that can stop him and actively (through the use of others) seeks it out. One example of this is his manipulation of Zorg (a billionaire tycoon) who in turn hires Mangalores to hunt down the components of the weapon. The weapon can be used by him to turn light to dark, life to death, forever.


Evidently from an era "before time was time", Evil comes every five thousand years to destroy all life. He appears to arrive through some sort of portal or possibly a black hole.

But so far each time a mystical weapon (or group of weapons as there are five components that act as it) has been able to defeat him.

Only one species is shown to have prior knowledge of him and actively seek to stop him: the Mondoshawans.

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