The Family
The Family(Marvel)
General Information
Locomotion Various
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Marvel Universe

The Family are a species of plant-based assimilating creatures from another dimension in the Marvel Universe.

Biology Edit

The Family is a parasitical race of flora that lives to convert everything into plants. They are controlled by Mother Entropy mentally.

History Edit

The Family have assimilated many other dimensions and looked onto Earth-616. The Guardians of the Galaxy were hired to escort a Ravolian deacon back to his homeworld carrying an artifact called the Mother Stone. Unfortunately the deacon died from a heart attack and Pip the Troll attempted to steal the stone, thus activating the stone. Pip, Drax, Gamora, Rocket, Groot and Peter Quill found themselves in a mental induced dream where Mother Entropy put them through various trials to select a new incarnation of herself for the new actuality. Pip was selected due to his self-centeredness to with the Family prized. Pip accepted heartily, but was horrified to learn that he was turned into a green infection-spreading creature: Earth-616's Mother Entropy. The Guardians managed to jettison him into space but Mother Entropy before he could infect them, but allowed a universal wide plagued to be released that affected various worlds, cosmic entities, and heroes.

Groot and Star-Lord were the only ones in the universe. However Star-Lord was eventually infected leaving Groot alone, but he was able to use him chloroform abilities to hold Mother Entropy and rip out the Mother Stone and shatter it restoring everything to normal. Alas no one knew or believed the Guardians story that they were saved from an alien infection.

Culture Edit

The Family is led by Mother Entropy, a single individual in command of the hive consciousness of the Family. The Family seeks to convert other worlds and races into their bond of unity. They are very meticulous when it comes to invading other dimensions to spread themselves. Mother Stones, powerful artifacts spread throughout the multiverse are used to allow the creatures into other dimensions under very specific circumstances. In order for the Mother Stone to activate, six individuals must be in the stone's presence. Once activated the Stone will send them through a dimensional trial testing the six on their greatest fears, ability to process pain, ingenuity in chaotic situations, and self-centeredness: all for the purpose of selecting a Mother Entropy for the new dimension.

Sources Edit

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