A race that is a non-corporeal life form. They come from a place known as Lower Space also where the Orz came from. To the Humans though they would be known as demons an also evil dream monsters like a Jinn or a Succubus ect, ect. But regardless they are real in the Star Control Universe and they come from Lower Quasi Space.  The Arilou come from Upper Quasi Space. 

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The are Ancient beings and Principle antagonists. They manipulate gravity waves naturally as the Chmmr do hyperwaves, and are very advanced in gravitational technology. Its been theorized and implied by Alliance scientists that they're a race of beings composed of dark matter and dark energy.

A picture of a Exotic

An Exotic individual can be discerned as a strong gravity lens from afar... and at close zoom as a shifty, shadowy, " wraith-like" creature. The community of Exotics form a hive mind.

During the course of game the Exotics presence starts to show. Stars begin to disapear such as Alpha Vulpeculae with dimensional holes in there place and also New stars start appearing, messing up nearby star systems. While other stars will start blowing up an transforming into black holes... hyperspace might go partially haywire too. All of these things are the work of The Exotics and you need to stop it before it reaches the home star systems such as Sol, Procyon etc. and these populated worlds are destroyed!

The Exotics take a large scale view of everything. The well-being of what we see as "sentient races" is irrelevant in Exotics' point of view: to them a living thing is anything that can make an observation, the minimal thermodynamic requirement for which is free energy. With this generalized definition of life in mind, the exotics consider everything to live - the stars, even the galaxy itself is a living thing to them.

Far from intending to extinguish life for their own purposes, the Exotics actually seek to maximize it (from their point of view), by maximizing the entropy increase.

Difficult to communicate with - you need a special communication device to speak to them.

They could be inseparable from their ships / actually be their "ships", so they at least wouldn't have separate crew units.

There are several possible ways to win/lose the game:

  1. Worst ending. Do nothing / take too long, and the Exotics destroy the galaxy for their benefit. Death march equivalent.
  2. Bad ending. Sell out: Make a deal with the Exotics (once you know how to communicate with them) - let them destroy / grow new stars to numerous locations, and they leave satisfied. This leaves the NAFS world in scars. Everybody will hate you for this decision.
  3. Martyr ending. Venture into the Exotics' boss place unprepared / without allies and confront the boss. You could even destroy the boss but alone you get killed by the remaining Exotic forces.
  4. Good ending. Amass enough allies / right equipment to attack the Exotics' boss. Win the fight and your allies help you. WIN!
  5. Alternative good ending. Steal Exotics' devices, sneak into the exotics' boss system and use their own tools against themselves!!

The 4. and 5. could and maybe should be combined. To get the good endings it is required to have enough allies: You must fix the Chmmr, enroll Faz into your ranks, give Shofixti their new homeworld, maybe free the VUX, and not kill both SlaveRace and MasterRace etc.

Detailed infoEdit


The Exotics are so far removed from "life as we know it" that they have a rather different definition of it to what we do. Specifically, to them a living thing is anything that can make an observation, the minimal thermodynamic requirement for which is free energy. Physically, this amounts to defining life as the increase of entropy. To intuitively expound - a living thing by its actions imposes its own pattern, its own routine on its environment - locally, this pattern means Order. The second law of thermodynamics, however, says that the decrease in entropy for the local system (the living thing) must be accompanied by an overall increase in the environment's entropy. So any living thing ends up increasing entropy.

With this generalized definition of life in mind, the exotics consider everything to live - the stars, even the galaxy itself is a living thing to them. Far from intending to extinguish life for their own purposes, the exotics seek to maximize it, by maximizing the entropy increase.

So the exotics are conducting "Galaxy gardening": madly making stars (and weeding out some) with their gravitational powers, which is good for life as they know it, but problematic for life as we know it.

Some of the new stars introduced by the exotics will be unnaturally massive supergiant stars, which won't live very long, going supernova pretty quickly. Those events would also leave behind some black holes.

Exotics as gardeners, seeding more entropy into the galaxy sounds more original than the enslaving enemies. It would also make the player sympathize with them a little more once he or she finds out about this (although at first they really could and should look like merciless monsters). Spreading the Hive mind/making it more efficient could be a by-product of their galaxy gardening instead of the sole purpose of it. Kind of like human settlements growing and being able to reach better standard of living (for the most part) when there's more people being able to specialize and making the society function better as a whole instead of few individuals trying just to stay alive.


The Exotics are a hive mind, all their "individuals" are nodes in their neural network. Their being a hive mind also contributes to their different concept of life from ours: Because they're a hive mind, their culture doesn't have a concept of sharing or "getting along" with others, since as a race they absorbed all competing exotics hive mind "instances" into their own hive mind eons ago. They are one. They won't appreciate why the other individualistic sentient races are so annoyed when they kill other races' individuals; individuals are irreplaceable, but they have no concept of that, they assume other races' individuals are actually just nodes like it has. They also don't have the concept of an individual's value, so it won't think twice about throwing a few of its ships into the fire, as it's no great loss, to them it's like losing a few brain cells that grow back.

Consistent with the gravity theme, the Exotics use zero-width wormholes to transmit data/communications instantaneously across very long distances (say several thousand (or tens of thousands) light years). By comparison, the New Alliance of Free Stars rely on hyperwaves, which while traveling faster than light through hyperspace, are not instantaneous, and have limited accuracy over long distances.

The Exotics use their wormhole communication to not just exchange words, but actually transmit their psychic hive mind between their ships/nodes, instantaneously. Each ship contains a hive node, which connects to the ship's "brain", and is re-broadcast locally to control any mobile/non-tethered appendages. Using this, the exotics hive mind can instantly control and "think" through a neural network of nodes several thousand light years across with little delay.

The exotics individuals are like blank slates a spawning, and are imprinted with neural pathways when they're put into use.

The Creators commentsEdit

Did the Precursors know of the Exotics? Did the Precursors leave because of them? Do we want to go there? I say we can imply something like the Exotics being quite as old and of the same power level as the Precursors.

I definitely want the possibility to communicate with the Exotics with direct dialogue. However, it shouldn't be too straight/understandable... something like the Mycon would be great! The player could try to do guesswork from the bits and pieces of the seemingly incoherent ramblings, but it wouldn't tell much. (I would advise against this direct communication. Random unintelligeble blabber is already done with the Mycon and Orz, an even more of it would get boring/cliche. Besides, the Exotics are so strange and far removed from any society as we know it, they might not even realize that they're communicating with anyone, and instead figure that whoever is communicating with their hive is a 'bad node' and has to be removed. I suggest having all details of the Exotics be handled through some research party from a collective of NAFS members. -- jorisvddonk) Specifics about the star systems they've destroyed: The star in the center of the truespace view could be replaced with a black hole, which sucks your ship in if you venture foolishly too close. Also the planets in the system are destroyed when the Exotics blow up a star.

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