General Information
Other Names The Perfect (final form)
Homeworld Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Peaceful
Behind the Scenes
Universe DC Comics

The Enlightened are a sapient alien species.

Biology Edit

The Enlightened are a alien species from an unknown world. Their true forms were angelic winged birds but this appearance was only temporary. On their home world they danced harmoniously through the skies engaged in an endless cycle of death and rebirth. Through every cycle a metamorphosis was triggered affecting their species as well as their world in symbiosis.

After their modifications and tampering by an alien species, becoming a virus. They spread through contact with their essence, the infected manifesting a great parasitic slug that envelops the head taking control of the body.

The Perfect Edit

The Perfect are the final form of the Enlightened. They are an adaptive symbiotic organism that adapt to a planet's ecosystem. After the Enlightened made entry into Earth's atmosphere, it allowed them to metamorphosize into the Perfect, a form that resembled billowing motes of light, bonding with the planet.

Culture and society Edit

According to Wonder Woman the Enlightened were a peaceful species and only attacked in self-defense after their purpose was tainted by their alien captors. They also possess a hive society, being led by a queen.

History Edit

They Enlightened were encountered by an alien race that sought to steal the Enlightened life force. The aliens forcibly captured and attempted to utilize the Enlightened to alter their world's natural evolution. However their folly created something they could not control, spreading a viral plague that infected the planet and its inhabitants.

The aliens managed to contain the outbreak. To prevent the intergalactic community from finding out their transgression that would be considered an act of genocide on a sapient race, the Enlightened were shipped into an automated ship with an android pilot to be taken far away for disposal.

Unfortunately the ship encountered a meteor shower and was damaged leading it to crash into the Watchtower of the Justice League. Majority of the League was infected save Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. The Watchtower was in critical condition and began to fall out of Earth's orbit

As the Watchtower fell to Earth, the heroes managed to guide the station above Lex Corp, where the building's structure managed to hold up the towering space station. The heat from re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere caused the Enlightened to metamorphosize into their true form: the Perfect, becoming one with Earth's ecosystem.

Appearances Edit

  • Trinity V2 09 (2017)
  • Trinity V2 10 (2017)
  • Trinity V2 11 (2017)
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