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The broadcast is one of a major exceptions in alien terms. It appears to only exist upon a technological and audio level, not physical or spectral. Very little is known about the broadcast, but it is believed to be an entity due to the way it is followed. It is capable of accelerating technological growth, as it appeared roughly in "World War One". Depending on who hears it, it can be bad or good ideas, albeit some who are not able to grasp its capabilities die by brain explosion.

Two examples of this are:

Frank Woodruff — Invented the "Mobile Trench", which aided disabled war veterans.

Vladimir Farnsworth — Invented the television which allowed people to view the world from the safety of their beds, later bastardized in its purpose into the monovisions due to him going insane by, ironically, his own invention.

The Monovisions[]

While actually human-created constructs, they're quite unearthly even for their creator being human and even bio-mechanical, leaving as to how exactly these things were created. There are several types of monovision, derogatorily referred to a "Tubes":


  • Resistors — Basic grunts
  • Blitzers — Like resistors, but they're explosive and prefer to attack Trenches.
  • Jacobs — A rather weak version of the resistor, but allows invulnerability to all around it.
  • Burst Transmitter — A combination of "Arty" and Resistors. Tends to attack emplacements.
  • Tommy — Like resistors, but have a tail capable of firing plasma bolts.
  • Knob — Spawned in mass numbers and from "Bertha", attacks emplacements. Look like small spheres with spikes on them.
  • Breaker — Bigger, more resistant resistors with a shell.
  • Aeirial — Flying version of a tommy. Weaker, Smaller and shoots in a burst of three.
  • Solenoids — Like Aeirials, except they go after trenches.
  • Cathodes — Tiny versions of Blitzers, Spawned in swarms like knobs.


  • Big Willie — Basic battering ram unit, Most other advanced monovisions use this frame as a baseline.
  • Bertha — Spawns Knobs, Uses Willie Frame.
  • Volt Dropper — A pseudo-bomber. Only one not to use the willy frame.
  • Arty — Long range artillery platform, Willie frame.
  • Amplifier — Destroys turrets at close range with a torso-mounted device. Uses the willie frame rotated upwards and is Quintipedal.


  • Northern Pylon
  • Sphinx Worm