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The Thanagarians are the primary native race of the planet Thanagar. Their most consistent attributes across different continuities are their flight-oriented society and heavy usage of Nth Metal.

The Thanagarians are descendants of the 7 rebellious archangels known as Seven Brothers, shortly after the fall of the angels in the celestial war, these angels separated by universe to found a new race of angels to a planet of great tide and of little earth, accompanied by two binary stars, Creating a philosophy of great warriors among them.

The Thanagarians belong to the polar system, the neighboring planet of the Rhann people, the Thanagarians are descendants of the rebel archangels of the Gadreel, a powerful warriors group angelics , after being expelled from the Garden of Eden by failing in God's safety for the betrayal of Samael (Lucifer), and all settled in the polaris system until they joined the fallen angels of Nibiru, to be titled as gods on earth, in ancient Egypt.

His contemporaries, the Anunnakis (who were also descendants of the same lineage of the Thanagarians of fallen angels), opened portals on earth to connect other beings to the galactic union after the founding of Egypt, The Thanagarians were drawn to the portal of their contemporaries to offer teachings to Human evolution on earth, obtaining its unification to the Anunnakis, considered as gods to humans.

Katar Hol and Shayera Hol were Thanagar's warring ambassadors, their death was during a war against Hath-Set, a corrupt priest and son of Anubis, and they replaced their souls in an umpteenth metal armor, the most powerful of Thanagar, To fuse to another body for eternal immortality who to take hold directly to these armors. The Egyptian Prince Cheops and his beloved Princess Chay-Ara came in contact with the two armor, an element powerful of the planet Thanagar. Exposure to the element, combined with their love, strengthened their souls and the bond between them for an eternal immortality.

Cheops emerged as Carter Hall who with the help of the umpteenth metal armor became the "Black Hawk" and Chay-Ara had been reborn as Shiera Sanders "Hawkgirl" who have spanned generations, building a news corporation as hidden entrepreneurs with the Help from friend Perry Carter in Los Angeles.


Culture and societyEdit



  • (Mainstream) - Thanagarians believe a group of deities called the Seven Brothers and the Seven Sisters created the universe, and then created the planet Thanagar. Soon after, they created their own realms, the Seven Heavens and the Seven Hells.

Seven of the gods came down and lay with mortal women, birthing the Thanagarian race.

An angel, known as the Hawkgod, got chained in one of the Seven Hells, defying the laws of gravity and enabling the anti-gravity function to exist within the Nth Metal.

  • (Legend of the Hawkman) - Early in Thanagarian history, a group of deities called the Thanagarian Trinity created Thasaro, as a test for any Thanagarian who could champion over him. A mighty warrior named Hol was the one who defeated him, now known as the Fallen One, with a blessed feather from the Gods of the Aerie. The surviving gods bind Thasaro within a mystic urn, which Hol buried beneath the mountains of Tibetan in Earth.
  • (DCAU) - The people of Thanagar once worshiped a pantheon of extra-dimensional entities known as The Great Old Ones. At that time, Thanagar was a harsh world and theirs was a primitive and savage culture; in return for offerings made to him, the Old Ones leader, Icthultu, gave them agriculture, mathematics, and philosophy — the foundations of their entire culture. As they matured, however, the Thanagarians stopped worshiping them — modern Thanagarians bow down to no higher power. Their knowledge of the Great Old Ones was used in the creation of their personal weaponry. For this reason their Nth metal weapons — such as Hawkgirl's mace and Hro Talak's battle-axe for example — have mystical properties and can work against Green Lantern's power ring or Superman's invulnerability.


In 6600 B.C., two Thanagarian law officers were stranded on Earth, and were worshipped as gods. They used their positions to unite the surrounding lands in hopes of bringing peace and prosperity to Earth.

Later, an emissary of Thanagar — the army commander Hro Talak — declared to Earth that "For generations, we on Thanagar have been locked in a bloody war with these monsters [the Gordanians, referred to as 'our mortal enemies']". They said that they will construct a shield generator that would protect the entire planet. Unfortunately, their real intention was to destroy Earth to create a series of hyperspace bypasses to go right to the Gordanian homeworld. The Justice League stopped them and the Thanagarians left the planet. When they returned to Thanagar, the planet was already decimated. Hro Talak told his remaining crew to abandon ship while he ran a kamikaze attack on the Gordanian mothership.

The final fate of Thanagar under Gordanian rule remains unknown, but there was a resistance movement fighting against the Gordanians. Paran Dul, Kragger and a few Thanagarians later left the resistance to pursue Hawkgirl for betraying them.


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