Tetramands are a red-skinned humanoid species from the desert planet Khoros.



Tetramands are four-armed humanoids with dense skin standing between 10 and 12 feet tall (~ 3.04 - 3.65 m). Female Tetramands have hair.[1] Male Tetramands may have hair that turns gray as they get older, but most of them lack hair. Younger Tetramands are skinnier than adults and have disproportionately larger eyes and heads.

Some Tetramands can grow to be as tall as 15 feet high (~ 4.57 m). Female Tetramands are usually taller than the males.[2]

Although their skin is traditionally colored red, Tetramands can come in other colors. For example, Tetramands from Dimension 23 have dark pink skin, Kolar has blue skin, Quad Smack and Benjamin Franklin's Four Arms have purple skin, and the Tetramand Prisoner has brown skin.


The reason Tetramands have multiple arms is so they can fight off giant predators on Khoros.[3]

Powers and abilities

A Tetramand's most prominent ability is their enhanced strength, which is at a level similar to Metahumans such as the Hulk of Earth-199999[4] and increases as they age. They can lift and throw other beings such as Chronosapiens, Petrosapiens, Incurseans, or Lepidopterrans.

Technically speaking, Tetramands are physically stronger than Methanosians,[5] Appoplexians,[6] and Vaxasaurians.[5] According to Rook Blonko, female Tetramands are usually stronger than males.

Built for battle, Tetramands can take enough punishment to withstand even a Talpaedan's drills thanks to their tough and thorny skin.[2] Similarly, their skin makes them both fireproof and laser-proof. For Omni-Enhanced and Omni-Kix Tetramands, their natural durability increases thanks to their respective armors.

With their incredibly strong legs, a Tetramand can leap blocks at a time at a height of several stories.

While not necessarily martial artists, Tetramands have developed an arsenal of specialized maneuvers that makes use of their prodigious physique.

A favorite move is the "Big Smack", a sonic wave produced by clapping all four hands together at the same time. This move stuns an opponent into submission before a blow can even be landed.

Due to the alterations Kevin Levin has made to the Antitrix, Quad Smack is stronger and more powerful than ordinary Tetramands.

Omni-Enhanced Tetramands gain an extra pair of hands made of Omni-Enhanced energy, which can double their natural strength and punching impact. Also, they can deploy Omni-Enhanced energy while fighting.

Omni-Kix Tetramands can launch any of their fists from their arms like rockets and reattach them at will.

When under the effects of an Earth cold, Tetramands can accidentally sneeze out sprays of slimy snot from their mouths.


As Khoros' environment has evolved Tetramands into physical powerhouses, they can be slow and clumsy. They can also be constraint by their large size, making it difficult to get inside buildings or walk down a street without knocking things down.

Tetramands are weak against high-speed enemies such as Kinecelerans, which tend to play against them using their agility and flexibility.

Much of the damage a Tetramand can inflict is often purely unintentional, making them almost as dangerous to their allies as they are to their enemies.

Despite their enhanced strength, Tetramands are physically weaker than Chimera Sui Generi, Evolved Arachnichimps, Metahumans such as the Hulk of Earth-616,[4] and especially Evolved Vaxasaurians.

Tetramands can be trapped by the plasma generated by an Insectoid or a DNAlien's slime spit.

There is a clear limit to a Tetramand's durability, as they can strain their hands punching the armor plating generated by Bashmouth's Species. There is also a limit to their fireproof skin, as they can be harmed by a Prypiatosian-B's radioactive blasts.

Tetramands appear to feel pain from electricity, such as that generated by Gimlinopithecus, Nosedeenians, and Weatherheads.

Tetramands can be easily overpowered by a Celestialsapien's telekinesis.

If under the effects of an Earth cold, a Tetramand's natural strength and stamina are severely reduced, their skin will turn into a dark shade of orange, and pungent hives will develop in their armpits.

Culture and society

Tetramands are bloodthirsty warriors that constantly battle and conquer other tribes, seeking glory and recovering past's relics for an advantage over enemies. Known Tetramand leaders include Warlord Gar Red Wind and an unnamed overlordess.

Similar to Humans, Tetramands are extremely emotional creatures by nature.[7]

When forming alliances or receiving weapons, Tetramands must prove their worth by combat. If a male challenger defeats Warlord Gar's daughter, Princess Red Looma, not only the winner receives the possession he fought for but will also be married to the princess in three Earth years. Female Tetramands are loyal to the strongest male that defeated them and set to marry him.

Tetramands are a spacefaring race that are a part of galactic society. They may either settle on any number of worlds and raise a family or live their lives on starships that rarely return home to Khoros, if ever.[4]

Tetramands live in very close knit family tribes and defend their kin to the death.[8]


Tetramands are specialists of building indestructible engines and warships. They are also capable of making powerful weapons, including war sledgehammers and swords.


A year after Ben Tennyson found the Omnitrix, a Tetramand was captured by Servantis and the Rooters and became the donor of Manny Armstrong's alien DNA.

The Tetramands once mistook a Lepidopterran exploration party for invaders and tried to fight them off. However, both sides were at a draw in the battle. Though Lepidopterrans were too fast for them to hit, the Tetramand's incredible skills with spears rendered the Lepidopterrans' goo blasts ineffective. The battle ended when the Lepidopterrans fled Khoros.

The Tetramands sought out a challenge to conquer Fulmas in an attempt of glory. Unfortunately, there was no challenge waiting for them because the planet had been abandoned by the Fulmini.




  • The Omnitrix's Tetramand representative is named Four Arms, who first appeared in the original series episode "Washington BC". Four Arms has appeared in almost every series except Alien Force.
    • The Ben Tennyson of Dimension 23 has an equivalent of Four Arms named Handy Man, who first appeared in the Omniverse episode "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World Part 2".
    • The reboot version of Kevin 11 has a mutant hybrid equivalent of Four Arms named Quad Smack, who first appeared in the episode "Which Watch".
    • Four Arms has also been used by the Prime Timeline Kevin, the "What-If" Gwen 10, Ben 10,000, the Ben 10 Franklin version of Benjamin Franklin, the Alpha Nanite, the reboot versions of Gwen and Billy Billions, and a squirrel. Despite not appearing on-screen, it is confirmed that Mad Ben has Four Arms available in his Omnitrix.[9]
  • Tetramands can grow big like Warlord Gar when they dominated and won every conflicts throughout the years.
  • Tetramands built the pyramids alongside humans and (temporarily) Blukic and Driba.
  • Tetramands share similar traits of Shokans. Their tribe leaders also wear capes with shoulder collars and white fur, which is similar to the Green Martians'.
  • In Ultimate Alien, Tetramands seemed fairly Bronze Age-like for their level of technology.[10] This is no longer the case in Omniverse, as Tetramands are shown to have a far more advanced civilization than humans.


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