General Information
Homeworld Tethys
Body Type humanoidal
Language Tethysian
Reproduction laying eggs
Behind the Scenes
Universe G.F. Darwin universe
Created by Marek Hucz,
Jan Jurkowski

Tethysian is sapient reptile humanoid species from Tethys, moon of Saturn in Sol System. This species is part of Galactic Unity of Star Systems.

Description Edit


Lord QloQloQlo.

Tethysians are reptile humanoid species with green and brown scales. They haven't genitals and reproduce by laying eggs. They sexes is divided into female and blobul.

This species is probably able to shooting lasers from eyes, what causing burning the eye tissue and blindness.

Culture and technology Edit


Tethysian spaceship.

This species has monarchy and polygamy. In their culture wives are treated like slaves.

They are advanced civilization. Some of their technologies are: FTL drive, universal translatora and camulflator (handheld camouflage device).

Appearances Edit

  • Since 2015: Darwin's Shorts (Polish: Szorty Darwina)
    • 2017: Space Sheriff (Polish: Gwiezdny Szeryf)
    • 2018: Star Sheriff 2 (Polish: Gwiezdny Szeryf 2)
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