Alien Species

The Terrellians are a sapient humanoid species from a trinary star system in the Delta Quadrant. They are distinguished by their ears with double points. The Terrellians are one of the four species – along with the Antarians, Imhoteps, and a fourth species which may be the Aksani or the Chessu – who used to fight each other for the same region of space. As of the 24th century, they live in relative peace now, despite the continued existence of radical separatist groups; and celebrate the signing of the peace treaty with an annual event known as the Antarian Trans-stellar Rally, in which vessels from the four species plus any others willing to participate race against each other in a 2.3 billion kilometers long area of space, not allowed to use FTL travel.

Behind the scenes[]

This species is not to be confused with the almost identically named Terellians, native to the Alpha Quadrant, which although never seen are mentioned occasionally on The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager; and are known to have four arms. The name is also similar to yet another Alpha Quadrant species, the near-human Tarellians.