The Tendrils are a parasitic species from the planetoid Ouroboros.

Biology Edit

The Tendrils are small spiny armored worms. They are very resilient creature, withstanding great pressure and capable of surviving in a vacuum. However they can be temporarily stunned when in contact with water. The parasites while worm-like can metamorphosize to develop four limbs for greater mobility. The Tendrils are capable of hibernating for long periods that their life-signs are undetectable to sensors.

The planetoid Ouroboros was apparently made of the creaturse, in a hive-like community, that can disperse and reform. These creatures working together are able to swarm even in the void to attack. The Tendrils gain sustenance from heat.

Appearances Edit

  • Faster Than Light Issue 001 (2015)
  • Faster Than Light Issue 002 (2015)
  • Faster Than Light Issue 003 (2015)
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