The Telk are a species from the planet Telko.

Biology Edit

A male Telk was taller than a Hoka and even broader, one mass of muscle under a green skin. Four powerful arms, and stocky bowlegs ended in prehensile-toed feet which could serve as hands. The head was round, hairless, bat-eared, with small yellow eyes protected by bony ridges, mouth and nose contained in a porcine snout.

Culture Edit

The Telk were an unpromising lot. Inhabiting their single continent, they had only one language, its dialects mutually comprehensible; but they were split into thousands of tribes with wildly different cultures. All the Telks had one thing in common: they loved battle. It was instinctive, a hangover from ages when they had fought wild beasts barehanded.

Appearances Edit

  • Earthman's Burden by Poul Anderson (1957)
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